Aquarius Constellation History, Location, How To View

Aquarius Constellation: History, Location, How to View

Your zodiac sign may be an Aquarius, and from there you would have heard of it. Aquarius is located in that region of the sky, which is referred to as the Sea. Its neighbouring constellations are Cetus (the whale), Eridanus (the river), and Pisces (the Fish).

There are several notable deep-sky objects that you can locate in the Aquarius constellation. They are bright and so large that you can view them with a set of binoculars. This constellation is one of the oldest celestial objects ever to be documented. So, let’s read about what the Aquarius constellation is and how can you view it.

History of Aquarius Constellation

In the 2nd Century, a Greek astronomer, Ptolemy, catalogued this constellation. Around 30 stars were seen to flow in a water jar and form a zig-zag pattern. From there, Aquarius was viewed, and it was discovered.

What is the English name for Aquarius Constellation?

The English name of Aquarius is the Water-Bearer or the Cup-Bearer. The water symbol represents it.

What is the Greek mythological significance of the Aquarius Constellation?

Aquarius is depicted as a man in his youth who served water or nectar to the Southern Fish from the amphora.

Aquarius is associated with Greek mythology concerning the son of King Tros, Ganymede. Zeus was captivated by the youthful charm and beauty of Ganymede. This compelled God to disguise himself as an eagle and take him to the Olympus so he can be a cupbearer for the Gods.

A different Greek Myth states that this constellation is the representation of the son of Prometheus, Deucalion; how he and his wife survived a devastating flood.

The Babylonian Myth identifies Aquarius as “the Great One”, God Ea. In the Egyptian tales, Aquarius is regarded as the God of Nile. The stream that follows the pattern of the Aquarius constellation was regarded as the soldiers by the Chinese. So, this constellation had different significance among different civilizations and cultures.

How to Find Aquarius Constellation

Locating Aquarius from anywhere across the planet is very easy. Just follow these steps:

  • It is present along the ecliptics and the zodiac
  • It is near these constellations:
  • Cetus (the sea monster)
  • Pisces
  • Capricornus
  • Aquila
  • Pegasus

What is the Area of Aquarius Constellation?

This 10th largest constellation occupies a large area of 980 square degrees.

What Quadrant is Aquarius Constellation in?

You can locate the Aquarius constellation is the Southern Hemisphere’s fourth quadrant or SQ4.

What Latitudes is Aquarius Constellation visible in?

This constellation is visible between the latitudes +65° and -90°.

What Type of Telescope if Best for Viewing Aquarius Constellation?

You can easily view the messier objects in the Aquarius constellation with a good 2.6 inch in the aperture telescope. As this constellation is quite large, it can be easily viewed. But the detailed image can only be captured with a high-resolution telescope. But even with a naked eye, you can view Aquarius in its entirety.


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