Aries Constellation History, Location, How To View

Aries Constellation: History, Location, How to View

Do you have the curiosity to know about zodiac astronomy? If yes, then you will get a chance to learn about one of twelve signs, Aries. Aries, a zodiac constellation, is located between Pisces and Taurus. It is represented by a “Unicode” symbol which denotes horns of the ram.

Aries has several deep-sky objects like (NGC 1156) dwarf irregular galaxy and (NGC 772) unbarred spiral galaxy. Moreover, it is listed as the 39th largest constellation.

History of Aries Constellation

The name Aries relates to the “Age of Aries” which was developed by Babylonians over 2500 years back. Aries was first defined as a constellation in the Babylonian’s description in MUL.APIN. The MUL.APIN was a table that showed the setting and rising of stars. The early evidence of considering Aries a separate constellation was on boundary stones, and it dates back to 1350-1000 BC.

By 1000 BC, when the MUL.APIN was introduced, the modern Aries was recognized as both hired labourer and Dumuzi’s ram. However, the exact time when this shift occurred is hard to determine because of the lack of ram figures and Aries images.

What is the English Name for Aries Constellation?

The English name for Aries constellation is “Ram“.

What is the Greek Mythological Significance of Aries Constellation?

The myth associated with Aries is about a Boeotia’s King Athamas, who was married to the nymph Nephele by the command of Hera. In Hera’s image, she was made of clouds for trapping the centaur, Ixion. Athamas left Nephele after two children.

Afterwards, Athamas remarried to Ino, who was Cadmus’s daughter. From Ino, he had two sons. Nephele was angry on Athamas’ marriage and children. She asked for Hera’s assistance for avenging the desertion of Athamas’. Meanwhile, Zeus requested Athamas and Ino to take care of Dionysus because he did not want Hera to know about him. Afterwards, Hera made them go made as a punishment. And Ino plotted Nephele and Athamas’ death out of jealousy.

Ino deceived Athamas for attempting Phrixus’ sacrifice, but Heracles saved him and was carried to Colchis in a golden ram. Helle grabbed hold of winged ram but she lost her hold and fell between Black and the Mediterranean Sea and died. Phrixus reached to Colchis and sacrificed the golden ram to Zeus. Zeus admired his work and as a reward, placed the image of ram among the stars.

How to Find Aries Constellation?

For finding Aries, follow the steps discussed below:

  • Find Orion, a crooked line made with three bright stars. These stars are not much distant from the cluster of Pleiades star. This constellation lies along the zodiac in the path where planets and the sun follow during the year across the sky.
  • The second step is to find Taurus. For finding Taurus, follow the imaginary line which makes the belt of Orion which points towards Aldebaran.
  • Move on to the previous direction that you followed, and you will find the Pleiades, a group of seven stars.
  • When finding Pleaides, see the opposite direction of Orion you will find Hamal, the brightest Aries star.

What is the Area of Aries Constellation?

Aries has an area of 441.395 square degrees.

What Quadrant is Aries Constellation in?

Aries has a location in northern hemisphere’s first quadrant which is referred to as NQ1.

What Latitudes is Aries Constellation Visible in?

The Aries constellation can be easily located in +90° and -60°. It is surrounded by:

What Type of Telescope if best for Viewing Aries Constellation?

This constellation has numerous deep-sky objects which are easy to locate through binoculars and other small telescopes. It requires no special telescope.


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