Best 7 Pin Bow Sights

5 Best 7-Pin Bow Sights (Reviews Updated 2020)

In terms of accuracy and precision, the 7-pin bow sight stands at the apex above other multi-pin bow sights. The higher number of pins offer finer range calibration and less guesswork when it’s time to take the kill shot. The ideal 7-pin bow sight should have clearly distinct pins, should be easy to use, and have a wide field of view.

Best 7-Pin Bow Sights

In this article, we have put together a list of our top 7-pin bow sights that boast of great functionality and affordability.

1. IQ Define Pro 7-Pin Bow Range Finding Sight

Iq Define Pro 7 Pin Bow Range Finding Sight, Retina Lock Magnesium, Tool Less Adjustments, 2nd & 3rd

This outstanding bow sight features 7 sight pins and a built-in laser range finder backed with a digital display and boasts of excellent tool-free controls. It has an impressive accuracy of up to 150 yards, comes with a bubble level, and a pin calibration feature. It also boasts of a retina lock technology for the perfect form, every time, and comes with angle compensation for improved accuracy.

  • Seven sight pins with up to 150-yard range finder.
  • Excellent controls, bubble level, and pin calibration.
  • Retina lock technology and angle compensation.
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2. Trophy Ridge React Pro 7 Bow Sight

Trophy Ridge React Pro 7 Bow Sight

The React Pro 7 from Trophy Ridge boasts of React technology for automatic pin calibration and features tool-less adjustments for elevation and windage. It features a third-axis adjustment for angle compensation and comes with a rheostat light for adjustable brightness. It features a very sturdy design with offset holes for mounting customizability.

  • Automatic pin calibration with tool-free controls.
  • Compact and durable design.
  • Angle compensation and mounting customizability.
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3. Axcel 7 Pin .019 Fiber Armortech HD Hunting Sight

Axcel 7 Pin .019 Fiber Armortech Hd Hunting Sight (black)

The Armortech Hunting Sight from Axcel is a  7-pin bow sight with great customer reviews. It sports a very lightweight, sturdy frame, and high precision tool-free adjustments for convenience. It offers excellent protection to the 0.019” pins and also comes with a harmonic damper for stability.

  • Very lightweight and durable.
  • Tool-free adjustment and high precision.
  • Comes with harmonic damper.
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4. Trophy Ridge Fix Series Sight

Trophy Ridge Fix Series Sight

The Trophy Ridge Fix Series comes 7 pins and boasts of high tool-free high precision adjustment and adjustable brightness for low-light performance. It features a second-axis adjustment for improved accuracy and is very easy to operate. It comes in a compact, high-strength frame for improved durability.

  • Tool-free adjustment and high precision.
  • Rheostat light for adjustable brightness and low-light performance.
  • Compact, durable design.
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5. TRUGLO Hyper-Strike Ultra-Light Long Range Bow Sight

Truglo Hyper Strike Ultra Light Long Range Bow Sight

The TRUGLO Hyper-Strike boasts of an ultra-lightweight, high-strength Aluminium and carbon-based frame for superb durability. It features excellent controls with tool-free micro 2nd and 3rd axis adjustments and tiny pins for maximum visibility. It is also coated for a soft feel, and ultimately, comfort for extended use.

  • Lightweight and highly durable.
  • Excellent controls and high precision.
  • 3rd axis adjustment and comfortable handling.
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7-Pin Bow Sight Buying Guide

7-pin bow sights offer great shooting accuracy and precision with their large number of pins. You have access to a wider range of target distance calibration and a higher chance of hitting your target.

When on the market for a 7-pin bow sight, there are a number of factors you want to consider to ensure you choose the right gadget for your needs.

Our buying guide reviews the best 7-pin bow sights on the market based on their specified features to help you make an informed quickly.


It is intuitive that you want to go for a 7-pin bow sight that is as durable as possible. The durability boils depends on other sub-factors like the material composition and design profile. It is always the best idea to go for all-metal constructions and Aluminium and stainless steel are great materials to look for. They combine high strength with low weight. Plastic models are much lighter but suffer greatly in impact resistance and should be avoided.

Composites like carbon fiber are also great materials to look for as they combine the low weight of plastics with strengths close to that of metals. They are, however, more expensive.

Pin Size

As a general rule, the smaller the pin diameter, the better the optical performance. Seven pins is already a large number and bigger pins will congest our field of view and generate many blind spots. To ensure durability, the pins should be made from materials strong enough to support the very small diameters. Decreasing Diameter Pins (DDPs) decrease in diameter along the length foe maximum visibility while still ensuring stability.


The bow sight market features a wide variety of models from different manufacturers. These vary wildly in price and quality. Always compare products that offer the features you seek and select one with a reasonable price tag as well as positive customer reviews.