Best Telescopes For Beginner Reviews

5 Best Telescopes for Beginners (Reviews Updated 2020)

The telescope is a device which is used to watch faraway objects easily. The basic structure of telescope consists of an objective piece and an eyepiece fitted inside a hollow cylindrical piece. This device magnifies an object with the help of the objective piece, based upon the law of physics. A second objective piece is also used to invert the object as the virtual and magnified image from the first objective piece will be inverted.

There are many uses of the telescope. They are used for sight-seeing, for observing nature, for observing the environment and even for observing the planetary motion in the space. And so, here are some best telescope for beginners.

Best Beginner Telescopes


1. Celestron – PowerSeeker 127EQ Telescope

Celestron Powerseeker 127eq TelescopeThe perfect and the fabulous telescope in town for beginners, this telescope is easy to use and very much powerful. The whole series of this telescope is known for their design, quality, features and power. Accommodated with a manual German equatorial mounting, this type of telescope will give you an advantage in observing the sky.

The tripod stand comes with a feature to adjust the altitude of position besides with a screw to adjust the perfect position for viewing. Being light-weighted and easy to use, this telescope can be used easily by children as well as by adults in any place.

You can use it on a campsite or even in your backyard. The telescope also includes multiple accessories such as two different eyepieces (20mm and 4mm) for precision observation and a 3x Barlow lens to triple each one’s power.

The telescope brand has also provided the buyers to download software from the internet for more easier use and to get the fullest of the device. The brand of the telescope has availed the buyers with a striking deal. This telescope comes with a 2-year manufacturing warranty.

The power of the telescope is so high that you can even observe planets far away from our home planet, and the telescope is known to have the power to zoom ranging from 150x to 450x.

What we like about it:

  • Easy to use and light-weighted feature makes this scope, the best beginner telescope.
  • The stand which is very much reliable and has the facility to adjust the altitude of the telescope makes it easy to pinpoint a location.
  • A power magnification ranging from 150x to 450x makes it awesome to use.
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2. Emarth Telescope for Kids

Emarth Telescope For KidsA telescope of beginners, this telescope is the best you can get. Its high magnification is a gift of the lens which is 360mm (f/5.1) in focal length and has an aperture of 70mm.

Fully coated the best quality optical glass with high transmission coatings makes this telescope create awesome, stunning and sharp images with increased brightness and clarity. The coating also protects eyes and is considered good for kids. The telescope is easy to use and even easier to set up.

You can easily set it up in any campsite, on your terrace or even in your backyard. Being easy also makes it best for your kid to explore the space and a reliable and awesome gift for kids who loves astronomy and science.

High-quality optical equipment used makes it best for eyesight. The telescope consists of an interchangeable eyepiece with the increasing power of a 3x Barlow lens. 5*24 finderscope with mounting bracket, erect-image diagonal facility and two bigger eyepieces (K10mm:51X, K25mm:128X) makes locating everything very easy and frequent.

This telescope set up also includes a tripod stand and a carry bag to make it easy observing in different positions and the bag, big enough to carry the whole telescope besides with the accessories on an adventure to stargazing. A warranty period of 24 months and a friendly 24-hour customer care service will make it to your liking.

What we like about it:

  • Easy to use and a protective eyepiece makes sure that the images are clear and precise in addition with protection for our eyes.
  • The use of a Barlow 3X lens makes the power three times when compared to other telescopes of the same specifications.
  • A warranty period of 24 months and an instant refund if the customer is unsatisfied with the working of the telescope.
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3. Celestron – 70mm Travel Scope – Portable Refractor Telescope

Celestron 70mm Travel Scope Portable Refractor TelescopeAnother in line for the best beginner telescopes, this telescope is from the manufacturer Celestron. A premium quality telescope is having high-quality features, fully coated glass optics and a high-quality, objective lens of 70mm aperture. A light-weighted frame and setup including a bag pack, large enough to carry the whole setup, including additional accessories.

Powerful lenses will make your viewing easier, two eyepieces (20mm and 10mm) that are used to provide low and high-power viewing of the terrestrial objects in day and night too makes it the best to its other competitors. The large objective piece of 70 mm aperture makes the image brighter, enhanced, sharper and clearer as compared to other models.

Using this type of travel scope is quick and very easy. The telescope also includes a tripod stand which can be adjusted for better viewing and can be fitted in the bag pack with the telescope. The tripod stand is premium quality alt-azimuth mounting with a pan to handle the direction of pointing so that you can locate objects more easily.

The mount is made of steel, and you can also adjust it to set it to the desired height. You can also download some software regarding the functioning and the features of the telescope from the internet easily. What makes it better is the two-year brand warranty worldwide from the brand.

What we like about it:

  • The premium quality lens, two eyepieces and an extra-large objective piece are what makes it the best in the world of starter telescope.
  • A magnification is ranging from 20x to 40x and a lens which makes it easy to view objects in day and light.
  • Light-weighted and easy to use makes it best to use in outer and even in your backyard or even your terrace.
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4. Gskyer Telescope

Gskyer TelescopeA high-quality premium lens of 400mm (f/5.7) focal length and an aperture of 70mm. Being fully coated with high-quality transmission coating creates stunning, fabulous, sharp, clearer and even brighter images in the day as well as night-time.

This premium quality lens piece makes it easy for astronomers to view moons and stars, not only of planet earth but of other planets too. The telescope includes two replaceable eyepieces of 25mm (16x) and 10mm (40x) which makes it easy to change the power of the telescope as per the distance of the object.

The use of the 3X Barlow lens in the telescope makes the power three times the normal power of the telescope for each eyepiece. This 5X24 finder telescope comes with mounting brackets and crosshair lines inside the frame which makes the image clearer, sharper and brighter.

The telescope also includes additional accessories such as a smartphone adapter and a wireless camera remote to explore the scenery easily through the screen of a phone and take some amazing pictures of the scenario.

The addition of an adjustable telescope which can be used to adjust the position of the telescope in a round direction as well as the altitude of the position makes it easy to locate objects. What best about this telescope is the guarantee period of 12 months and lifetime maintenance.

What we like about it:

  • Two changeable eyepieces with premium coating and power in addition to a Barlow 3x lens to make everything even more powerful.
  • Added accessories in the setup such as a smartphone adapter and a wireless camera remote so you don’t have to buy them separately.
  • Twelve months guarantee with lifetime maintenance.
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5. TELMU Telescope 70mm Aperture Refracting Telescope

Telmu Telescope 70mm Aperture Refracting TelescopeThe best starter telescope, this telescope is the one you would like to have with you. An ultra-clear refracting telescope. A lens with a focal length of 400 mm and an aperture of 70 mm makes it best for viewing.

The lens also has a protective and enhanced coating for even brighter, clearer and sharper images in a day and night-time and the protective layer helps protect your eyes. Two replaceable Keller make eyepiece, one with specifications K6mm/16X and other with K25/67X makes it much more powerful for astronomical purposes.

The 5X24 finderscope with mounting brackets and cross line in the frame makes images more clear and brighter and only enhances the quality of the telescope model. It is very easy to set up and operates. Even a kid will be able to operate it easily without any adult help.

You can easily set it up in your campsite, your backyard or even your terrace. A setup which can be adjusted from 17.7 inches to 35.5 inch makes the images clearer in focus and easy viewing.

A tripod stands which enables the user to adjust the altitude and the direction makes it easy to pinpoint locations and search the sky easily. Accessories including a phone holder, making it easy to view pictures on virtual screen and to take some awesome pictures with your loved ones.

What we like about it:

  • Two interchangeable Keller made eyepiece for enhanced viewing and ultra-zooming.
  • Accessories including a phone holder and a bag so that you can view images in real-time and can carry your telescope anywhere.
  • A 24-month manufacturer warranty and a reliable customer care service is also pretty much good.
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How we chose the Top Telescope for Beginners in our list

There are many types of telescopes which you can find on the internet. But here, we are talking about the ones which are currently ruling the market. For all the products mentioned in our list of choices, there are certain criteria on which they are chosen. Some of these criteria are mentioned below.

  • Lens and Lens quality: A premium lens quality with a protective coating to protect your eyes will be the best option for starter telescope. Having extra eyepieces for changing the power will be a much better advantage to the functioning of the device and is preferred more.
  • Power: Since the scope is being used to examine extra-terrestrial objects such as planets and moon, one must make sure to have the best zoom and the best power of the telescope so that even very far away objects can be seen easier than in normal telescopes.
  • Mounting and other Accessories: This is an important factor to be considered. Since having additional accessories with your setup will make sure that you don’t have to buy them from the market and pay extra. Even having a good mounting to locate the objects and pinpoint them carefully will make it a lot easier.
  • Brand: The branding is important too. This ensures better quality and better service too. Good brands will provide you will more reliability and support such as a long period warranty or even a guarantee and a good maintenance service with a 24-hour customer care support.

Different Types of Telescope for Beginners

There are many factors on which you will find telescope making depends upon. The factors here are the basis of competition among the major brands for the making of the telescope. One such factor of difference is mentioned below.

  • The material used in Frame Making (Metal vs Fibre)

The scope frame is important and basically, the most important part of the scope. It holds the whole mechanism of viewing including lenses and all. The frame can be made from metal such as Stainless Steel or even with Fibre. Well, both frame making is of premium quality, and both have their advantages and disadvantages.

The metal frame is known to last long, is supportive and is known to be used in most of the telescopes. The frame contributes to the strength of the telescope but also makes the setup bulkier and heavier.

The fibre frame, on the other hand, is less reliable and is less seen in the telescope making but is also advantageous. Fibre being hard in strength supports the whole setup. Although not much like metal in addition to the support that this material provides, it also makes the scope very much lighter in weight. This makes it easy to carry the telescope anywhere.

Although fibre frame is also good, it is seen rarely in case of a telescope. Well, in such costly equipment, one would like it to be as reliable as much possible, and so, the reliability comes with the cost of weight. All the products mentioned above have been made from metal and are known to be reliable. But since the metal used is steel, they are pretty much lighter in weight too.

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