Best Deer Trail Cameras

5 Best Deer Trail Cameras (Reviews Updated 2020)

The deer trail camera offers the hunter a convenient option to track and hunt down deer without spooking these animals that are always on high alert. With the thrill of the deer hunting season comes the need for you to be equipped with all the right gadgets, and with a deer trail camera, you’ll always be one step ahead of the keen instincts of your target. The ideal deer trail camera should be highly durable, yield excellent image and video quality, and should be easy to operate.

Best Deer Trail Cameras

To help you save some shopping time, we have compiled a list of our top five deer trail cameras on the market that all boast of great functionality.

1. Victure 20MP Wildlife Trap Camera

Victure Trail Game Camera 20mp 1080p Full Hd With Night Vision Motion Activated Waterproof Ip66 Wild

This top-rated deer trail camera from Victure comes with a powerful 20 MP camera for great image resolution and boasts of great day/night functionality. It sports a durable, waterproof casing, IR illumination LEDs for stealth, and is highly adaptable to both wildlife and surveillance applications. It comes with a high-speed 0.3-second trigger speed, automatic detection, and capture to ensure nothing misses your sight.

  • Superb image quality with excellent day/night performance.
  • Durable, waterproof design with IR illumination.
  • Affordable and cost-efficient.
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2. Campark WiFi Hunting Game Camera

Campark Trail Camera Wifi 20mp 1296p Hunting Game Camera With Night Vision Motion Activated For Outd

Always a great buy, this deer trail camera from Campark comes with a powerful 20 MP camera for the best images and supports 1296P videos with sound. It supports a Wi-Fi connection that allows near real-time image transmission to your remote device and is backed with an impressive 65 ft. trigger distance. It comes in a durable, camouflage design with IR illumination for after-dark operation and stealth.

  • High-resolution images and videos with Wi-Fi transmission.
  • Impressive trigger distance and wide field of view.
  • Durable, camouflage design with IR illumination.
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3. Meidase Waterproof Wildlife Deer Hunting Cam

Meidase Trail Camera 16mp 1080p, Game Camera With No Glow Night Vision Up To 65ft, 0.2s Trigger Time (1)

This gadget like the name suggests is especially suited to the deer hunter and is built to survive all the weather may bring with its high-strength, waterproof casing. It boasts of excellent image and video quality both in the day and at night, user-friendly controls, impressive range, and a wide field of view. It also comes with a large battery compartment for extended use and sports a sleek, yet low-profile design for the best stealth performance.

  • Durable, low-profile design with a waterproof seal.
  • Excellent image and video resolution with day/night function.
  • Long battery life, easy controls, and impressive detection range.
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4. APEMAN Trail Camera 20MP 1080P Wildlife Camera

Apeman Trail Camera 20mp 1080p Wildlife Camera, Night Detection Game Camera With No Glow 940nm Ir Le

Specially designed to help you track deer, the APEMAN trail boasts of a powerful 20 MP camera for the best images and combines a rugged design and excellent controls with great affordability. It comes with an impressive detection range, quick recovery time, and will perform excellently in total darkness with its no-glow illumination. It is highly waterproof and dustproof and comes with user-friendly controls for superb convenience.

  • Very high image resolution and detection range.
  • Durable design, great affordability, and low-light performance.
  • Waterproof and dustproof, easy to use.
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5. Bushnell Trophy Cam Trail Camera

Bushnell Trophy Cam Trail Camera, Brown

The Bushnell Trophy Cam comes with a high resolution 16 MP camera and intelligent 720p video recording of up to 30 seconds. It will capture images within 0.3 seconds of detection and at up to 100 ft. away, recover in a second, and give you a data stamp on each shot. It comes with a low-profile, durable housing and boasts of up to 1 year of battery life.

  • Impressive detection range and great image quality.
  • Long battery life and durable design.
  • Quick trigger time and data stamp feature.
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Deer Trail Camera Buying Guide

Whether as a hunter or wildlife conservationist or observer, a deer trail camera is always a great investment to make. You don’t have to physically stalk these shy animals but can get close-up images and videos of them while they are in their element – usually after dark.

Scouting for a deer trail camera can be exhausting and frustrating as you have to sift through literarily thousands of products. At the same time, you want a gadget that will bring great value for money with excellent performance.

Our buying guide reviews the best deer trail cameras selected based on their specified features and customer feedback, while also outlining the key factors you should consider before you make a purchase.


One of the first considerations to make is the durability of the trail camera you are buying. You want a gadget that will function optimally in harsh weather conditions and resist damage from possible impact and animal contact. It should be highly waterproof and dustproof, to resist all that the elements may bring. For impact-resistance, it should be made from high-strength, lightweight materials that will shield the internal components from damage.

Trigger Time and Detection Range

When tracking deer, you want a trail camera with a quick trigger time. This is the amount of time between motion detection and image capture. So whether an animal is walking by slowly or in a full run, a quick trigger time will ensure full images are captured before it moves out of view.

The detection range of your trail camera is another consideration to make. Higher detection ranges will ensure that even the slightest movement from afar off does not escape the camera’s sensor. On average, trail cameras will come with detection ranges from 65 ft. and up to 100 ft.

Image and Video Quality

Your deer trail camera is first a camera, and so the image and video quality should be considered. You want to go for high-resolution cameras that support High Definition videos, and possibly with sound. The trail camera you go for should yield excellent image quality both in the day and at night. Many animals are active at night, and so your trail camera should come with Infrared illumination to capture images in the dark without spooking the deer with a visible flash.