Best Digital Eyepieces For Telescopes

5 Best Digital Eyepieces for Telescopes (Reviews Updated 2020)

Finding the right digital eyepiece for your telescope is a great investment to make as a stargazing enthusiast. Digital eyepieces offer precise and accurate controls and are relatively less bulky than analog models. With the right eyepiece, you can significantly boost image clarity, zoom, and magnification of your telescope and connect seamlessly to a computer for edits.

Best Digital Eyepieces For Telescopes

There are so many brands to choose from, which is why we’ve narrowed it down to a list of five best digital eyepieces for your telescope.


Svbony Sv105 Telescope Camera Cmos Electronic Digital Eyepiece For Telescope 1.25 Inches Astronomy

This gadget stands as the ideal eyepiece for the astrophotography enthusiast. With this great product, you can enjoy a clear and bright colored picture or a detailed video of the Moon. Also, it works best with a scope focal length in 400MM to 800MM and will give you clear images without even needing accessories.

  • The camera’s image is clear in low light conditions with auto-adjust.
  • High-speed and high-resolution photos and videos.
  • Seamless connection with a computer.
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Orion Starshoot Usb Eyepiece Camera Ii (black)

This product lets you view what you see in your scope on your laptop and easily project it in the classroom or at home to share your creativity with everyone as if you were all gazing into the same scope at the same time. Besides being fun, it’s also very affordable.

  • Comes with the Orion AmCap image video capture software which is agreeable with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 OS
  • Can fit in any 1.25-inch scope focuser or any 1.25-inch step-down adapter
  • Preferably for shots of lunar or planetary objects
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Meade Instruments 645003 Lpi G Advanced Lunar Planetary Imager And Guider Color

This is a highly recommended product for astrophotography. It’s a lightweight and portable eyepiece that allows you to see the universe on a whole different level while looking at the solar system.

  • Comes with the Meade Sky Capture Software
  • Perfect for astrophotography of the solar system and auto-guiding
  • 1280 x 960 pixel (1.2 megapixels)
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Gosky Starshoot Usb Digital Eyepiece Camera (black) For 1.25inch And 0.965inch Astronomy Telescop

When we talk about a good quality eyepiece at an affordable price, this gadget stands out. You can use it to capture live videos on your computer through your scope and save them quickly for future edits. With this, you no longer have to squint with one eye.

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Compatible with Windows, MAC, and Linux
  • Easy installation and Operation, comes with free software.
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Yunawu 1.25” Telescope Digital Eyepiece

In the mood to add some fun to your cosmo-capturing experience? This product is just right for you. It allows you to share and enjoy the view of the Moon, planets and terrestrial objects through your scope with friends and family. It’s great for lunar as well as planetary shots but not so suitable for deep-space shooting.

  • Fun and easy to carry and enables easy media sharing
  • Can fit in any 1.25” scope focuser or 1.25” step-down adapter
  • It’s compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 OS.
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Digital Eyepiece for Telescope Buying Guide

The digital eyepiece for telescope enables a seamless connection between your telescope and your computer. Capture and save magical scenery and quickly share them with those you love.

There a host of brands out there and choosing the right product pools together a number of important considerations to make.

Our buying guide reviews the best digital eyepieces for telescopes on the market based on their special features to help you buy the best product that meets your needs.

Focal Length

The focal length of your digital eyepiece and also of your telescope is one of the most important considerations to make. Smaller focal lengths translate to higher magnification while larger focal lengths, smaller magnification. It’s left to you to decide which one you prefer. You can also have several eyepieces to use at different times.

Software and OS Compatibility

 Most digital eyepieces come with software that enables you to check out the images on your computer and share with others as if you were all looking through the same telescope. However, when getting a digital eyepiece, you should make sure that the software is compatible with your operating system. For instance, the Orion Starshoot digital eyepiece cam comes with a software that’s compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 Operating systems.


The resolution of your digital eyepiece essentially affects the overall quality of your image. Lower resolution results in an image with a pixelated look, while higher resolutions give a sharper result. Many times, technical advice or a little research is needed to enable you to know the resolution range that suits your needs.

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