Best Game Trail Cameras

5 Best Game Trail Cameras (Reviews Updated 2020)

For the millennial, tracking and hunting down game has never been easier. With a wide array of high-tech energy-efficient weapons and accessories to tracking gadgets like game trail cameras, you can start bringing game home in no time even as a total newbie. How to choose the right game trail camera? We help you with that.

Best Game Trail Cameras

With a host of brands on the market, you could drive yourself crazy if you have to scout all the available game trail cameras one by one. To avoid that, we have done the work for you as we now take a look at our top five game trail cameras on the market that are worth considering.

1. Campark WiFi Hunting Game Camera

Campark Trail Camera Wifi 20mp 1296p Hunting Game Camera With Night Vision Motion Activated For Outd (1)

One of the best game trail cameras on the market, this product from Campark comes with a powerful 20 MP camera for the best images and supports 1296P videos with sound. It supports a Wi-Fi connection that allows near real-time image transmission to your remote device and is backed with an impressive 65 ft. trigger distance. It comes in a durable, camouflage design with IR illumination for after-dark operation and stealth.

  • High-resolution images and videos with Wi-Fi transmission.
  • Impressive trigger distance and wide field of view.
  • Durable, camouflage design with IR illumination.
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2. Browning Strike Force HD Camera

Browning Strike Force Hd Camera, Camouflage

The Browning Strike Force boasts of amazing specs like a 0.67-second trigger time, an impressive 100 ft. detection range, and excellent low-light performance with its IR LEDs. Its 10 MP camera packs a punch in image resolution and yields HD videos of up to 2 minutes in length, and blur-free images. It sports a highly durable, camouflage design and runs on 6 AA batteries.

  • Quick trigger time with an impressive detection range.
  • Great image and video quality with night-time performance.
  • Highly compact and durable design.
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3. Victure Game Trail Camera

Victure Trail Game Camera 16mp With Night Vision Motion Activated 1080p Hunting Cameras With Low Glo

With its 38 IR LEDs backing its 20MP camera and 1080P video, this trail camera is the perfect hunting companion. It boasts of an impressive 0.3-second trigger time, excellent motion detection, and comes with easy controls for easy customization. Its high-strength, highly waterproof low-profile housing grants it all the stealth you’ll need for not only game tracking but also security and surveillance.

  • Excellent image and video quality.
  • Quick trigger time, motion detection, and user-friendly controls.
  • Durable, waterproof casing with camouflage.
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4. Bushnell Trophy Cam Trail Camera

Bushnell Trophy Cam Trail Camera, Brown

The Bushnell Trophy Cam comes with a high resolution 16 MP camera and intelligent 720p video recording of up to 30 seconds. It will capture images within 0.3 seconds of detection and at up to 100 ft. away, recover in a second, and give you a data stamp on each shot. It comes with a low-profile, durable housing and boasts of up to 1 year of battery life.

  • Impressive detection range and great image quality.
  • Long battery life and durable design.
  • Quick trigger time and data stamp feature.
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5. Meidase Waterproof Wildlife Deer Hunting Cam

Meidase Trail Camera 16mp 1080p, Game Camera With No Glow Night Vision Up To 65ft, 0.2s Trigger Time (1)

This gadget like the name suggests is especially suited to the deer hunter and is built to survive all the weather may bring with its high-strength, waterproof casing. It boasts of excellent image and video quality both in the day and at night, user-friendly controls, impressive range, and a wide field of view. It also comes with a large battery compartment for extended use and sports a sleek, yet low-profile design for the best stealth performance.

  • Durable, low-profile design with a waterproof seal.
  • Excellent image and video resolution with day/night function.
  • Long battery life, easy controls, and impressive detection range.
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Game Trail Camera Buying Guide

The game trail camera is a great buy for the hunter to keep a close eye on game and study movement patterns for the best chances of securing a good kill. It places a step ahead of the keen instincts of your target and avoid spooking them.

When on the market for a game trail camera, there are a number of deciding factors you want to consider to ensure you make the right choice.

Our buying guide outlines these important qualities you want to be on the lookout for so you can make an informed choice quickly.

Camera Logistics

The camera specifications of the gadget you’re getting is one of the first considerations to make. These include parameters like the image resolution measured in Mega Pixels – the higher the resolution the better the image quality and detail. You also want to go for a camera with a trigger speed as high as possible. It measures how long it takes for the camera to take a photo after it senses an object moving in front of it. So higher speeds or smaller time values mean more images can be taken in the same time interval.

Intelligent image capturing and video recording is also a great quality to look out for and will help save storage space by capturing only game and possible intruders.

Another camera feature to look out for is its illumination source. For good stealth, your trail camera should come with Infrared illumination to enable image capture even in the dark without spooking your target.


The game trail camera must also be highly durable to withstand harsh weather and possible animal contact. High-strength plastics, metal alloys, and composites are some great materials to look out for. It should also be completely waterproof.

Hard vs. Wireless Transmission

Game trail cameras come with either USB/SD card or wireless transmission. Modern trail cameras are tilting towards wireless models – Bluetooth, WiFi, and cellular models as these boast of greater connectivity and convenience. You don’t need to physically connect to the trail camera to get the captured images.

Battery Life

You also want a gadget that will go for weeks or months on end without having to change its batteries every now and then. The battery life depends on factors like the overall gadget’s size and the size of the battery compartment. Game trail cameras that can accommodate many batteries are the preferred choice.