Best Handheld Telescopes

5 Best Handheld Telescopes (Reviews Updated 2020)

Handheld telescopes are great, handy gadgets for the astronomy enthusiast. They enable you to get a closer look at far-away objects whether on ground level or up in the sky and can be carried around easily, a big plus for those who want to go around spying on things (now don’t be creepy!). If you’re in the market for one of these, stick with us to help you make the right choice!

 Best Handheld Telescopes

In this article, we have put together a list of the best handheld telescopes that you can find on the market and help you find the right product that meets your needs quickly.

1. Roxant High Definition Monocular

Roxant High Definition Ultra Light Mini Monocular Pocket Scope Carrying Case, Neck Strap And Clea

This product boasts of impressive reviews and quality, fits perfectly in your pocket and is very easy to hold, thanks to its ergonomic rubber-coated handle. The Roxant’s HD Monocular pocket scope also yields excellent image clarity and brings your adventure the spice it needs. It’s a great find for anyone who loves capturing nature’s beauty, hunting, or hiking and is a handy gadget for the visually impaired.

  • Compact, lightweight, and very portable
  • Superb image quality and impressive magnification
  • Suitable for outdoor activities such as hunting, hiking, and camping.
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2. CCX Monocular Telescope for Smartphone

Ccx Monocular Telescope For Smartphone, 12x50 High Power Bak4 Prism Monocular, Waterproof Handheld

This bad boy(or girl) has a great design and is the ideal handheld telescope for nature enthusiasts. It boasts of impressive magnification and range and is easily adjustable to yield the best views. Its superior casing makes it waterproof, shockproof, and impact-resistant for assured durability. It hitches seamlessly with a smartphone camera to yield excellent long-distance snapshots.

  • Supports smartphone capture interface
  • Impressive and adjustable magnification and range
  • Durable casing for long service life
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3. Ceenda Monocular Telescope

Ceenda Monocular Telescope,12x50 Hd Bak4 Prism Waterproof High Power Monocular With Phone Photograph

The Ceenda Monocular Telescope is the ideal high power monocular to take along for camping trips, sports, and concerts. It boasts of impressive magnification and range, without sacrificing image quality. Its ergonomic handle makes it easy to hold and emphasizes ideal compatibility with different mobile devices and media devices.

  • Clear image and high magnification power.
  • Waterproof and antifog.
  • Perfect for traveling, sightseeing, surveillance, and hunting.
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4. Strong Impact Monocular Telescope

Monocular Telescope By Strong Impact, Bak4 Monocular Compact Telescope–high Power Prism Monocular Te

This product is designed for durability and impact resistance for long service life. With many modern phones boasting of water resistant capabilities, this monocular compliments your phone to take the most beautiful photos in even tough weather. It yields excellent magnification, crisp image quality, and is the ideal gift for family and friends.

  • Ensures excellent durability
  • Comes with mobile phone compatible, value-added accessories
  • Impressive magnification and crisp images
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5. Occer High Power Monocular Telescope

Occer 10x42 High Power Monocular Telescope Hd Dual Focus Scope, Waterproof Compact Monocular With Bak4 Multi Coated Zoom Lens

If you love adventure, then you’ll love this high power telescope with impressive magnification, portability, and great image quality. It comes with an adjustable focus to match the user’s sight. Its casing makes for a waterproof, weather resistant unit that will last for a long time.

  • Impressive magnification, portability, and great image quality
  • Adjustable focus
  • Weather resistant casing for durability
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Handheld Telescope Buying Guide

Handheld telescopes combine impressive magnification for viewing distant objects with great portability for on-the-go use. There are a host of brands to choose from, but a basic set of factors to consider before making a purchase.

Our buying guide reviews the best handheld telescopes on the market based on their special features to give you a basis to compare them and end up with the best product quickly.


The weight of the handheld telescope you go for is one of the most important factors to make. The main emphasis of this telescope type should be how portable it is. You want a handy gadget that you can take wherever and whenever without doing a ‘mini workout’.  Just because it’s labeled “handheld” doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check out the weight.

The ideal handheld telescope like the name implies should be easily held in one hand without much strain. A telescope of say 10 lbs. and above has definitely crossed the ‘handheld’ boundary.


Another important factor is the price of the telescope. You will find a lot of awesome products on the market with prices ranging from very cheap to affordable and very expensive. Depending on the intended use, terrestrial telescopes may be on the low end. If you’re, however, looking for one that you can use for astronomy, then you should be prepared to pay a little extra.


Great handheld telescopes usually come with extra accessories to emphasize out-of-the-box use. Extra accessories like tripods for easy mounting and smartphone or camera compatibility take the telescope fun up a notch and allow you to capture great pictures from a good distance away.


The magnification of the telescope you are getting is also one of the most important factors to make. Great telescopes come with adjustable magnification and focus to suit different users and will give you a clear view of objects whether on the ground or in the sky. You will usually see a magnification of the order of 10X.

The next time you’re surfing the web or you’re in the store looking to buy one of these, we hope you’ll put into consideration these tips which we have put together for you.

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