Best Hunting Monocular Reviews

5 Best Hunting Monocular (Reviews Updated 2020)

There are so many things to consider before your hunting trip starts. If you want to play smart, then a monocular is one of the best alternatives to binoculars. Being small in size, a monocular can fit into any activity you like, especially when you are planning to go for hunting and hiking!

Monoculars are quite versatile, light-weighted and perfectly portable. The product has all the features that can give you an overwhelming hunting experience. If you want to replace your binoculars with that of a compact monocular, a detailed guide about the best monocular for hunting are listed below.

Best Hunting Monoculars


1. Vortex Optics Solo R/T 8×36 Monocular

Vortex Optics Solo Rt 8x36 MonocularWithin an affordable price range, one of the Best hunting monocular you can buy today is Vortex Optics Solo R/T 8*36 monocular. The magnification level is 8x and this infuses complete clarity in the image that you are about to capture. Having a lens size of 36mm, the monocular is completely light-weighted, focusing on brighter images and its compact nature! The resistance of this product is highly suitable for almost any type of hunting activity!

The coated lenses are by far one of the best features you can note in this device. Its anti-skid technology helps you to hold the monocular within the grip of your hands. The Solo R/T is responsible for providing efficient light when using for hunting. This monocular doesn’t strain the eye and keeps enhances comfort. The focus is excellent in terms of the flexibility and reliability of the device. Even in deep-jungle adventures, this monocular supports all environments and is 100% waterproof and fog-proof.

This monocular comes with an additional utility clip, which makes it easier to carry the device along. The durability of this device is incredible and corresponds to better longevity. The exterior of the monocular is made of rubber, thereby keeping up to its superior quality. When buying this device, you get some suitable monocular accessories, starting with the shoulder strap, the lens covers, and a lens clean cloth! Use this monocular to get in touch with an incredible hunting experience!

What we like about it:

  • The price range of this monocular is affordable and doesn’t drain anyone’s pockets.
  • There are free accessories available with this monocular. The device being waterproof helps you in deep-forest hunting as well!
  • You can count on the durability and flexibility of this monocular!
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2. Vortex Optics Solo Monocular 8×25

Vortex Optics Solo Monocular 8x25Buying a monocular is a little daunting. You must have a look at its features so as to record adequate images during your adventure. After reading some of the Monocular for hunting reviews, the Vortex Optics solo monocular 8*25 model is a great device to start with. With high power of magnification of 8x, this device comes with a lens size of 25mm. This highly affordable and compact solo monocular is small and has a FOV or field of view of 1000 yards. The light-weight of this device promoted quality image capture every time you use it for hunting!

The multi-coated lens brings in crisp pictures of wildlife and other objects around. This monocular can be used in any environment, and is, therefore, waterproof as well as fog-proof. Having a rubber exterior, the surface of the monocular is completely non-slippery, thereby ensuring durability. Even if it accidentally rains, you will maintain your grip and also get to experience better hunting adventure. Armored to provide better support all throughout, this monocular comes with its lens sealed, thereby promoting performance.

The eyecup of this monocular can be twisted to increase the magnification. Twist on the right side to view distant objects. Turn it on the left to capture objects nearby! The monocular comes with a case, which increases further support and safety. It prevents accidental slipping and even prevents scratching of lenses.

What we like about it:

  • The eyecups attached to the monocular can be adjusted accordingly. This increases comfort and suitability!
  • The budget of this monocular is affordable from all aspects.
  • You can easily hold the monocular within your own grip with its rubber exterior, thereby promoting the performance and flexibility of the device!
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3. Gosky 12×55 High Definition Monocular

Gosky 12x55 High Definition Monocular TelescopeDesigned for all sorts of outdoor activities like hiking, hunting, bird watching, etc, this monocular can transform your experience into a positive one. Considered to be one of the best monocular hunting scopes, this model reflects on high-quality images and promotes accuracy in terms of color observation.

One of the best features you can keep track of this monocular is its Smartphone adaptive control. You can easily capture and even record some of the best stunning wildlife locations and habitat, thereby increasing your experience. Exploring distant objects is not at all a problem anymore with this device. The larger BAK-4 Prism lens helps in capturing clearer images, with adequate brightness. The framework is solid and stabilizes your grip every time you set forth for a hunting adventure. Made of superior quality rubber, this monocular comes with some solid stripes and is completely waterproof and fog proof.

The lens of the monocular comes with a separate cover, which makes the device dustproof too. The shock-proof designer base keeps the device all the more attractive and highly flexible. In order to get your best wildlife image, just twist and turn the eye cap to get the perfect view. Since the focus system is mostly towards the center, you must adjust your length and direction to incorporate clarity. This monocular comes with a tripod stand and a small pouch to carry the device to your hunting destination. You can also choose between some extraordinary colors, starting with blue, black and green respectively!

What we like about it:

  • This light-weighted Monocular brings forth better experience in all hunting trails.
  • The HD monocular is the newest range of water-proof models available to capture crisp and transparent wildlife images.
  • The lens type here is roof prism, contributing to the compact nature of the monocular!
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4. Bushnell Equinox Z Digital Night Vision Monocular

Bushnell Equinox Z Digital Night Vision MonocularOne of the best night vision monoculars, which also acts as a videography device is the Bushnell Equinox Z Digital monocular. You can catch up with your wildlife hunting even in the dark with the help of its illuminating rays and compact nature.  This device is so light-weighted that it can be carried for any hunting trail you like. Incorporated with dual-lens protection, this monocular is the safest in terms of its usage.

The advanced formulae for obtaining the perfect night time vision enable you to get a deep knowledge of various wildlife activities. The HD quality along with the option to capture excellent stunning images, allows you to be convenient when taking the monocular for any outdoor activity. The sleek design of the monocular adds to its overall beauty. The non-slippery surface keeps your hands tight and prevents the monocular from slipping. In case you are within a tight budget and your hunting trip is coming soon, you can always choose such a versatile model for your use.

In order to spot the best animal while hunting, make sure you use the monocular safely and keep your focus straight. The spectacular view that you get off the forest along with the hunting location, creates a stunning scenery. Buyers can certainly take note of the durability of this monocular. When purchasing this monocular, you get a small carry case, along with a one-year warranty card!

What we like about it:

  • This night vision binocular is extremely popular to get in touch with the secret life of animals even at night!
  • The 3x digital zoom feature allows complete superior experience in terms of the high capability of the monocular.
  • This monocular is highly water-resistant and comes with 4AA batteries, in case you want to record some of the stunning wildlife hunting moments!
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5. FLIR Breach PTQ136 Multi-purpose Thermal Monocular

Flir Breach Ptq136 Multi Purpose Thermal MonocularMonoculars too come with some extraordinary HD quality. One of the Best small monocular hunting scopes you can use to enrich your own hunting experience is with FLIR Breach multi-purpose thermal monocular. This device even works in excess heat conditions and in darkness too. You can turn on the night mode to capture the extraordinary animal life at night. The compactness of the monocular adds to the perfect delightful experience for your adventure today.

The monocular contributes to increasing light in your surroundings. This can help in spotting animals near and far away. To create a completely magical moment in terms of your hunting experience, this monocular comes with an additional tripod stand. The best feature of this monocular is that you can also record small videos with it. Since it operates on AA batteries, you can change and again film some animal scenes again. All of the images and videos get captured within the SD card of the monocular. For both daytimes as well as night-time hunting scenarios, this monocular can be used to capture quality images with style.

The infrared illuminator attached to the monocular is exciting enough to enable individuals to use the device at night. Since the device is moisture-proof, you can use it even in deep-jungle hunting scenes as well. When buying this monocular, you receive a small pouch for carrying the device, along with a warranty card!

What we like about it:

  • This multi-purpose monocular comes with an extra set of batteries and a USB cable, in order to transform some stunning pictures taken with the device.
  • The monocular is highly affordable.
  • The exceptional superior vision quality that you get with this monocular is convenient for all hunting operations!
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How we choose the best Monocular for Hunting in our list

Thorough research always brings the best monoculars to the customers. Extensive reviews were read and only limited details about buying a good monocular were listed out. If you want to get in touch with the best edition of monoculars for hunting, then a quick buying guide is listed below:

  • Magnification power feature

When attempting to buy the best monocular for hunting, it is always the magnification power that must be considered first. The typical range of magnification of this device is somewhere between 6x to 10x. If the magnification is on the higher side, you will be able to spot better animals during hunting. Locating the animals would be much easier in case, the monoculars have superior power of magnification!

  • What is the appropriate lens size of a monocular

Lens size is equally important to buy the perfect monocular for hunting. The most standard size is 8*25. Here, 8x is the magnification power, while the lens size is 25mm. According to the model you buy, the lens size increases. A larger monocular will have a lens size somewhere between 20mm or 42mm. However, if the lens is bigger, then the weight of the monocular slightly increases.

  • Appropriate weight and size of the monocular

If you are looking for a light-weighted monocular, then you can choose a pocket-friendly one, of the size 8*25mm or 10*25mm. Most of them are of a good size, enabling wider focus and sharper images.

  • Portability of the monocular

Before buying a monocular, ensure that the product is portable to be carried in your pockets in times of emergency!

Different types of Monocular for hunting available

The hunting experience must certainly be extraordinary and therefore, you need to have the right gadget with you. Apart from binoculars, monoculars certainly give you the best experience in terms of superior image capture. If you are looking to buy monoculars, there are specific types available for you to purchase. Since monoculars are small and comparatively modified for outdoor activities, some of the best varieties that can suit your purpose are listed below:

  • Night vision monocular

If you are to go for night-time hunting, then night vision monoculars are just the perfect product you need. These have been designed to locate and capture wildlife vision in complete darkness. These monoculars have specific IR illuminator that enables a better quality image even if the surrounding is dark!

  • Roof Prism Monocular

If you want higher magnification monoculars, then roof prism ones are the best. These are typically small, narrow and completely compact to give you the best hunting experience.

  • Porro Prism Monocular

Porro prism monocular enables us to provide better image quality, focusing on sharper and contrasting images while hunting!

  • Solo Monocular

Solo monoculars look more or less similar to that of a telescope. These have all set of features, with added magnification and image clarity. If you want to go light for your hunting trip, then solo monoculars can perfectly help you in your task.

Each of the above types of monoculars is best for hunting. You can use them to experience and capture get shots at your wildlife adventure!

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