Best Hunting Spotting Scope Reviews

5 Best Spotting Scopes for Hunting (Reviews Updated 2020)

Hunting spotting scopes are the most essential equipment on must have while hunting and other outdoor activities. These products are used to see far away objects more clearly and more precisely. In addition, with bird watching and other sports, the scope is also beneficial for people who love nature and are eager to study more about it.

A good scope will give you the best observation capabilities with a keen view of nature. Now, in the market, there are many products, but the question arises of the fact that which one to buy. And so, here is a guide which will help you overcome the decision.

Best Hunting Spotting Scopes


1. Vortex Optics Diamondback Spotting Scopes

Vortex Optics Diamondback Spotting ScopesThis scope is a superb choice when you need a performer and heavyweight in a lighted environment and a compact package. It is comprised of fully multi-coated lenses in combination with a retractable, built-in sunshade also enhances its capability by giving excellent light transmission and a clear image. A twist and lock mechanism let you set your scope for various glassing positions.

An adjustable eyecup in the setup adjusts the eyepiece, making the scope more comfortable and easier to use. Other convenience features include easy and smoother use to focus wheel for a powerful zoom eyepiece. O-ring sealing and the nitrogen purge easies the durability. The diamondback delivers fog proof and waterproof performance.

The rubber outing provides excessive durability and better grip for the user. Close Focus of 20 feet; an effective dielectric coating; multi-layer prism coatings for improved brightness and colour accuracy in images.

The Scope also has the facility to be attached to a tripod for its stable and better use. The fine adjustable focusing lets you see far away objects more easily and observe important details. Overall, having a sleek design, a rigged toughness, and a better grip in addition with a facility to adjust the eyecup and the focus makes it the best in town. The scope is also available in many dimensions and shapes. The two types of shapes are Angled and Straight.

What we like about it:

  • The toughness, the sturdiness and the smoothness are why it is on our list.
  • The ability to be attached with a tripod stand to make it more stable for use.
  • It can be used while wearing glasses which makes it easier to use them while wearing contact glasses as well as sunglasses.
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2. Nikon Black X1000

Nikon Black X1000An imported model with a nice design. The scope is straight in shape and comes in black colour. The specialised reticles and adjustment system in this type of scope are well made and are glass-etched MRAD or the MOA tactical-style variants which also include the illuminated option. This glass-etched illuminated reticle which is placed in the scope’s second focal plane which lets all the corrections, ranging and other measurements more precise and accurate at a magnification of 16X. The scope is best used in rifles and is mainly made for hunting and keen observation.

The X-MOA and even the MRAD reticle enhancement lets the shooter shoot with clean and simple, yet functional and advanced tools for estimation of the distance of the target, the wind speed, dialing elevation ups and downs and also to maintain the holdover which results in a perfect shot. A side-mounted control offers up to 10 levels of intensity of red illumination for better scenery and also the option to switch it off in easy steps for quick and easier brightness adjustments. Rugged, waterproof, Shockproof and Fog proof construction which is the gift of the aluminum alloy body with a 30mm main body tube. The scope is black and O-ringed to prevent any moisture from entering. The nitrogen purging improves its reliability against thermal shocking.

What we like about it:

  • The long-range performance is why it is one of the best spotting scopes for hunting.
  • The ability to magnify up to 16 times of the original view and an option to adjust the shooting point with the elevation, distance and the wind speed.
  • Full Multilayered coatings on all air to glass surfaces to prevent it from moisture.
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3. Bushnell Trophy Xtreme Spotting Scope

Bushnell Trophy Xtreme Spotting ScopeThe best scope for hunting, sightseeing and bird watching. This scope is just like a tight little bundle of amazing things. It is fully capable of adjusting the brightness and clarity to go virtually anywhere. Its multi-coated and wide-ranged lenses give you great visual scope in all type of conditions such as dusk and dawn in addition with bad weathering conditions such as fog, moisture, etc. The rubber-armoured housings make it durable and reliable. Compact yet more reliable, the perfect sentry spotting scope for birdwatching and other activities.

A magnification is ranging from 12 times to 36 times with a generous and light gathering 50 mm objective lens piece for even greater clarity. Housed in a sturdy armour with a 100 per cent waterproofing facility and even the fog-proof performance will let you use it any weathering conditions. The scopes also provide increased light transmission to improve the image quality at high magnifications which is supported by the multi-coated lenses.

The scope also supports the addition of a tripod stand which comes with it to provide car window mountings, and other surface mountings, a soft carrying case and a premium hard one too, and even a scope glove for better handling. The scope also has a limited lifetime warranty from Bushnell. The close focus for the scope is about 21 feet.

What we like about it:

  • The wide range of magnification makes it the best bird spotting scope.
  • Best for sniping, bird watching and bird hunting, this scope gives you the ability to hunt in any weather.
  • A premium piece with included casings and even a scope glove and a tripod stand are a full all in one product.
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4. Vortex Razor HD Spotting Scope

Vortex Optics Razor Hd Spotting ScopesThe premium coating and the high level of transmission with multiple anti-reflective coatings on all glasses with air contact to provide maximum brightness and effectiveness of the scenario with improved quality is its specialty. Premium quality High Definition lenses give a better resolution and colour fidelity that results in the utmost high definition images. The APO system in this scope is about the effect of the apochromatic triplet lens combining with the High Definition glass to provide unmatched colour sharpness to the images.

The Porro prism technology provides maximum quality to its traditional design. Best used for rifles and snipers, this scope becomes the best equipment one will require while birdwatching, hunting or shooting. The lens quality also results in a sharper image with unmatched quality. The magnesium chassis made body provides toughness to the scope in addition with the O-ring sealings for airtight moisture and fog proofing in bad weather conditions.

The scope also provides ¼”-20 tripod mounting the shoe and also a tripod collar to position the eyepiece for positioning which provides a better adjustment in viewing. The retractable lens shade coating makes water or snow slip from the glass to provide better imaging quality in snow or rain and also to reduce overall glare from the object.

What we like about it:

  • The design and the curvature of the body make it very easy to use and reliable.
  • The premium quality lens and coatings make the images all clear in all types of weather conditions.
  • The High definition lens and better coatings make water and snow to slip from it and thus, providing a better viewing in snow and rain and also provides anti-glaring makes it one of the best hunting telescopes.
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5. Gosky Newest Spotting Scope

Gosky Spotting ScopeThe best spotting scope for hunting in all perspective; this scope is what everyone wants. A sturdy and sleek design in addition with an ability to magnify from 20x to 60x for more focused images which are supported by the dynamic lens and also the extreme stability and sharpness of the images. Best for shooting, archery, bird watching, hiking, camping, scenery watching, nature studies and many other outdoor activities. This scope will fit best where it is your phone or even your rifle or sniper. In addition, with the outdoor activities, if you are curious about space, this scope will let you dive into it. Fully multi-coated 80 mm green filmed objective lens to provide a clear and wide field of vision. The quality BAK4 Porro prism provides increases light transmission which results in clearer and high resolutive images. A sturdy and durable body of Magnesium Framework and Rubber armour to provide toughness and a hard grip makes it withstand the toughest of weather conditions, and the rubber armour acts as an anti-shock element for this scope. O-ringed design to provide waterproofing and also fog proofing in bad weather conditions. Nitrogen gas purging improves its effectiveness in bad weathers. The retractable sunshade to provide security to the eyepiece by stretching and helping in reduction of glare.

What we like about it:

  • The best zoom of all, this lens provides the magnification ranging from 20x to 60x makes it the best spotting scope for hunting.
  • A rotatable eyepiece and a retractable sunshade provide an overall effective and better viewing experience.
  • A product including the complete accessories such as a mounting stand, a smartphone Digiscoping adapter and everything so that you don’t have to buy them separately.
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How we Chose the Top Hunting Spotting Scopes in our list

There are many types of spotting scopes which can be found in the market. But here, we are talking about the best ones in the market. For all the products mentioned above, there are certain criteria on which they were chosen. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Material Quality – The material quality of all these scopes is very high. A metal body to provide toughness in weather conditions and rubber armour to provide better grip is what everyone loves.
  • Zoom – This is the first thing which everyone looks while buying a scope. What you need is a good magnification but not too much. Well, a normal rifle would not need a 100x scope, and even will also not need a 1.25x or lower scope.
  • Design – The design is important. It decides whether the product will be able to withstand bad weather conditions, and will it be long-lasting. The most preferred ones are the one with O-ring sealing. This helps in making the scope of waterproof and fog proof as well.
  • Reliability – Even when the material quality is very high, a scope will be of no use if it won’t be able to withstand bad weather conditions. Having a scope lens which will not allow snow, dust or water to stay on its surface will be the one best-fitted product.
  • Brand – The Brand of the product is important while considering any product. A good brand provides better services, good warranty period and even sporting accessories in the scope case so that you won’t need to buy them separately from the market.

Different Types of Spotting Scopes for Hunting

There are many types of other scope models which you will find companies competing upon. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Metal Alloys Used (Aluminum vs Magnesium)

Both the materials are very tough and sturdy. One is more weighted than the other, but overall, the scope will have good design and better toughness when a metal body will be used. The best ones are the heavy weighted; they are known to have a heavy and tough body and are known to last long. But if your device on which the scope is to be used is already heavy, it will be best to go for the light-weighted ones. When going for a scope to use it in rifles, Straight ones are mostly preferred. These are the ones most suitable when we need to buy one for a gun. But if the need includes other outdoor sporting activities such as bird watching, hiking, camping and others, it is better to go for the Angled ones. One more basis of scope products is its length. The long ones are best made for guns, and the short ones are commonly used for regular purposes and guns too.

Apart from this, you will also need to consider the fact that where you will be using the scope. Some scopes in the list can use them with your phones but there are many among them that should only be used while spotting or with a tripod, and then there are scopes which can only be used with guns. So, choose wisely so that you will have the upper hand in everything.

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