The Best Microscopes For Beginners

5 Best Microscopes for Beginners (Reviews Updated 2020)

You don’t have to be a scientist in order to own and enjoy a microscope. Maybe you’re just a curious adult or teenager who is fascinated by viewing the unseen world. These beginner microscopes can stoke an interesting hobby or lead you down the path to becoming an aspiring biological scientist. Take a look at our reviews of some of the best beginner microscopes currently on the market

Best Microscopes for Beginners

Here are our reviews of the best microscopes for beginners

1. OMAX 40X-2000X Lab LED Binocular Microscope

Awarded 2018 Best Compound Microscope Omax 40x 2000x Lab Led Binocular Microscope With Double Laye (3)

Our top choice was the recipient of the grand prize for the best compound microscope of 2018. Although 2018 was two years ago, this microscope is completely up to date and could still hold the title.

  • Capable of magnification up to 2000x
  • 5-year warranty
  • Coarse and fine focusing knobs for desired results
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2. AmScope M150C-I 40X-1000X

Amscope M150c I 40x 1000x All Metal Optical Glass Lenses Cordless Led Student Biological Compound Mi (1)

This is a great microscope for any beginner. Built for simplicity and capable of 1000x magnification, this microscope is perfect for anyone, regardless of age.

  • 5 magnification settings
  • Sturdy all-metal framework
  • Can be plugged in or used with batteries
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3. Celestron MicroDirect 1080p HD Handheld Digital Micro Viewing Digital Microscope

Celestron Microdirect 1080p Hd Handheld Digital Micro Viewing Digital Microscope, Grey (44316)

This digital microscope comes highly recommended for teenagers but can also be enjoyed by adults. Simply connect it to your laptop or monitor via the HDMI port for big-screen viewing.

  • Software and accessories included
  • Records high definition images and video
  • Great choice for group viewing
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4. Celestron – LCD Digital Microscope II – Biological Microscope with a Built-In 5MP Digital Camera

Celestron – Lcd Digital Microscope Ii – Biological Microscope With A Built In 5mp Digital Camera – A

No need for eyepieces with this digital microscope from Celestron. Impress your friends, family or fellow students with live, high definition viewing.

  • Built-in LCD screen
  • Records images and videos
  • Multiple accessories included
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5. IQCrew Science Discovery Set

Iqcrew Science Discovery Set With 20x Stereo Microscope And 1000x Compound Microscope For Kids And S

This microscope set includes two microscopes for versatile viewing. Made for children, this set comes complete with all the accessories any beginner needs to get started, straight out of the box.

  • Capable of 1000x magnification
  • Learning set and accessories all included
  • Includes a stereo microscope and compound microscope
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Microscopes for Beginners Buyer’s Guide

Purchasing your first microscope can seem a little daunting for any beginner. With so many products and specialized niches to choose from, it’s understandable to feel a little overwhelmed.

But don’t worry; our buyer’s guide is here to help. Take a look below for some tips and features to consider when purchasing one of these fascinating devices.

High/low power

This factor completely depends on what you plan on viewing and refers to the magnification capabilities of the microscope. If you want to view microscopic objects that cannot be seen by the human eye, then you’ll need a high-powered device that is capable of at least 1000x magnification. However, if you simply want a closer look at objects that are already visible, then a low-powered device will do the trick.


Magnification levels are rendered useless without proper lighting features. Look for a microscope that is capable of producing bright light with a narrow wavelength. Adjustable lighting is highly recommended and will allow you to view and adjust for all types of objects, big and microscopic.

Structural integrity

As with most products, keep an eye out for a device that is built with quality and durability in mind.  A cheap design will easily break if accidentally nocked over by tripping on a power cord. Selecting a model with an extended warranty is always a good idea.

Monocular or binocular design

This is completely up to you and your preference. Simply choose a device that is comfortable and easy on your eyes.


Thankfully, when it comes to beginner microscopes, many quality devices can be found for a reasonable price. Make a list of some key features and set your budget to cover them. A little bit of simple research should give you a good idea of what is a good deal.