The Best Microscopes For Electronic Repair

4 Best Microscopes for Electronic Repair (Reviews Updated 2020)

Microscopes that are made for electronic repair use moderate levels of magnification to enable their users to work with tiny components that would normally put a strain on the naked eye. These compact devices are great for soldering, circuitry work any other intricate repairs that require a high level of accuracy.

Take a look at our reviews below of some of the best microscopes currently on the market for electrical repair.

Best Microscopes for Electronic Repair

Here are our reviews of the best microscopes for electronic repair

1. Vividia Wireless WiFi/USB Handheld Digital Microscope for iPhone/iPad/PC

Vividia Wireless Wifi Usb Handheld Digital Microscope For Iphone Ipad Pc

This highly portable microscope was built with electronic repair in mind. With magnification capabilities up to 500x and a detachable stand for hands-free work, this device is perfect for working with tiny electrical components.

  • Download the included app for digital viewing on your Apple device or PC.
  • Metal stand included with height and angle adjustment
  • 1-year warranty
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2. AmScope SE305R-PZ Forward Binocular Stereo Microscope

Amscope Se305r Pz Forward Binocular Stereo Microscope, Wf10x And Wf20x Eyepieces, 10x 60x Magnificat

This is a great choice for a variety of electrical repair. Its large viewing platform makes this microscope great for viewing and maneuvering electrical circuitry and delicate components.

  • Wide field-view optical glass lenses for image clarity
  • Durable metal framework
  • Incident and transmitted lights reduce strain on eyes
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3. TESLONG MS100 Handheld Digital USB Microscope USB Microscope Camera 10-200X

Teslong Ms100 Handheld Digital Usb Microscope Usb Microscope Camera 10 200x

This is a popular device among electronic hobbyists and repairers. Its compact, sleek design can either be held in one hand for easy manoeuvring or held in place by a metal arm making it perfect for hands-free work and examination.

  • Compatible with a wide range of operating systems, simply connect this device to your smartphone or home monitor for digital viewing.
  • Built-in 2.0-megapixel camera
  • Multiple lighting selections
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4. AmScope 8X Magnification Binocular Stereo Microscope

Amscope 8x Magnification Binocular Stereo Microscope W 360 Revolve Dental, Lab, Electronic Repair

This inexpensive microscope is designed for hobbyists interested in inspection, repair, soldering, model-work and much more.

  • Can be upgraded for camera use
  • 12” long gooseneck arm
  • Adjustable distance between eyepieces for maximum comfort
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Best Microscopes for Electronic Repair Buyer’s Guide

Preferred by both hobbyists and professional repairmen alike, these devices are perfect for viewing and working with tiny electrical components. Prized for their versatility, their objective lenses can be secured in place for hands-free work, or picked up and manipulated by hand to view obscured, difficult-to-see areas. Many of these devices have digital capabilities that allow their user to connect wirelessly to a smart phone or PC for on-scree viewing.

Take a look at our buyer’s guide below for some tips and features to look for when making the purchase that is right for you and your needs.

Software compatibility

Unlike many conventional microscopes, microscopes that are intended for electronic repair are designed to be compatible with storing and viewing devices like a smartphone or monitor. This feature gives the user a comfortable, large on-screen view that is much easier on the eyes and neck compared to being hunched over the optics for hours on end.

Look for a device that has been outfitted with a USB port or one that has wireless capabilities and make sure to carefully read the product description to ensure that all software is compatible with your existing hardware.

Size and design

If you move around a lot between home and the shop, consider a device that is marketed as “handheld”. These digital microscopes are extremely compact, easily fitting into the palm of your hand and can also be connected to a stand for hands-free work. Consider a stereo microscope if you only intend to work in one location. These devices are larger and sturdier, offering movable arms and an adjustable height deck.


Microscopes that are designed for electronic repair do not require the extreme magnification levels that you would see on a compound microscope for laboratory purposes. For electronic work, depending on the size of the components you intend to work with, a device capable of 250x to 500x will cover just about everything in high detail. Consider the parts you’ll be working with and judge your magnification requirements correctly.

Camera resolution

Again, this detail depends on the size of components you’ll be working with. Most models are equipped with digital cameras ranging from 2 to 10-megapixels. Keep in mind: the smaller the components, the more magnification and resolution capabilities will be needed.