5 Best Slope Switch Rangefinder Reviews

5 Best Slope Switch Rangefinder (Reviews Updated 2020)

Golf is known as the game of the elite’ and learning to play it rests on some potential elements of distance and steepness. With every curve of the field, you see in front of you, the ball turns and ultimately drops down in the golf hole. To learn the prospects of the game with comprehensive precision, a rangefinder is a device that comes with slope switch technology.

Rangefinders can provide considerable magnification, allowing you to point and learn more about the game of golf and its measurements. Therefore, if the distance is your major concern in the game and you want to be a pro at it, a rangefinder with a slope will definitely guide you! The best golf range finders with slope are, therefore, listed below.

Best Slope Switch Rangefinders


1. Bushnell Tour V4 Shift (Slope) Golf Laser Rangefinder

Bushnell Tour V4 Shift (slope) Golf Laser RangefinderWith the best features accumulated into one device, one of the best range finders with a slope that you must definitely buy today is the Bushnell Tour laser rangefinder. Equipped with accuracy along with speed, this rangefinder is the perfect model that can reinforce laser within just a few seconds. The Tour V4 shift refers to the phase of the golf tournament, where it is an idea to use this slope rangefinder.

Incorporated with the best set of slope function, all your doubt regarding the use of this device is removed. This rangefinder can work up to any distance within the boundaries of the golf course. In order to successfully operate this rangefinder, this Bushnell model comes with its own application. This further incorporates its flexibility along with versatility in any aspect you like. Once you start operating the app, you will get various holes layouts, along with the maximum and minimum distance covered. To be a pro at your own game, you can take up any golf course you like.

The highest magnification power of this rangefinder is 6X. The sloping elements are really easy to understand in order to receive accurate results about your own game. You can easily use this device even in wet conditions, simply because it is moisture-proof as well as dustproof! The dual display of your game results seems to build in better clarity in the overall structure of playing golf!

What we like about it:

  • This Bushnell Rangefinder with slope has the highest magnification power of 6X, which is quite superior to get in touch with accuracy!
  • The rangefinder is waterproof as well as fog proof!
  • This Golf laser rangefinder with slope is available at a much lower and affordable price range!
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2. Callaway Tour S Golf Laser Rangefinder

Callaway Tour S Golf Laser RangefinderHave you ever wondered what a big difference your rangefinder might do to your game of golf? Due to the increase in technological advancements, rangefinders have been equipped with GPS. Thus, the all-new Golf Gps with slope laser rangefinder can serve your one-time purpose. The Prism mode of this device enables to get in touch with precise measurements when you attempt to play your game of golf. The excellent sloping feature is able to calculate and adjust the distance as you play your game!

In order to receive perfect accuracy in terms of the measurement, this rangefinder completely allows you to take a sneak peek at about 400 yards distance. The laser mode combined with the prism mode secures your viewing and makes it quite compact in nature. The focus is completely straight, allowing you to get an idea about the distance covered by you during the game. This rangefinder comes with a Red Display feature. The 7X magnification builds in complete confidence, and the slope function accentuates your confidence to be good at your own game.

The Prism mode locks up the distance and tends to adjust it so as to calculate and bring you your answer. This rangefinder can be used for your tournament plays and doesn’t require a manual to operate it. This rangefinder comes with a 1-year limited warranty as well, for you to repair any damaged parts!

What we like about it:

  • This Golf range finder with slope has a tight-grip feature, allowing you to focus on your distance, even in the case of multiple targets!
  • The LED display helps in showcasing the results directly!
  • Being water-proof in nature, this rangefinder helps to build your own confidence at the game of golf!
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3. Tec ULT-X Golf rangefinder

Tectectec Ult X Golf RangefinderThere are so many suitable types of rangefinder models available that buyers fall into the dilemma of their ideal purchase. In order to give you suitable guidance on your purchase, one of the best golf rangefinder with slope is produced by Tec Tec. This golf rangefinder enables to give you a clearer view of the field, with a sharp focus on the field in front of you. The instant flag-lock technology is able to calculate the target and measure your distance with full accuracy. You can count on the reliability of this device simply because the slope function is also present!

This rangefinder is able to give you results to a maximum distance of 1000 yards. Once you place the gadgets in the direction of the flag, the reading automatically starts. Therefore, in case you are ready for multiple match results, then this rangefinder can do the needful! Once the results have are out and you need to lock in your targets, the vibration of the device starts.

The slope mode can be turned on and turned off whenever necessary. You can use this rangefinder in any golf tournament you like to receive your own results. The scanner of this device works in complete coordination, allowing you to plan the shots accordingly. The slope mode of this rangefinder is able to deliver details to you, within a suitable distance of the golf field!

What we like about it:

  • The basic part about this Golf slope rangefinder is its scanner mode, which keeps track of the distance the player has covered!
  • This rangefinder is a little costly, but its features are perfect to be used in golf tournament games!
  • The scale of visibility is superior to this rangefinder!
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4. PEAKPULSE golf laser rangefinder

Peakpulse Golf Laser RangefinderLaser rangefinders are one of the best versions of the device you can use today. On a typical note, the laser beams bring you adequate details about the distance, combined with the sloping function. Therefore, one of the best-reviewed Laser rangefinder with slope is brought to you by Peak Pulse. The fast focus feature enables you to use the device in any direction you want.

One of the greatest advantages of using this rangefinder is that it is of the perfect size, accurate in terms of results and even vibrates when dealing with the outcome. The slope mode turns on when the ball slides over the slope and you need to get in touch with the calculations quickly. The golfer can stay rest assured about the laser beam that comes out of the rangefinder. The flag lock feature is adequate in terms of calculating results in tournaments. For a consistent reading from the rangefinder, keep the device focused aligned with the flag.

The rangefinder is able to cover up a distance of 1000 yards, which is quite superior. The exact calculation of distance is not at all difficult with this device. In order to be a pro at the game, this rangefinder allows you to be better and develop your mastery at playing golf. This rangefinder doesn’t stand in between your targets, lets you calculate the readings of your shot and improves you accordingly!

What we like about it:

  • The outstanding part about this rangefinder is that it can give you accuracy and speed just as you want it!
  • This is one of the Best rangefinders with slope, simply because the recordings are clear and transparent.
  • The laser beams can be directed to any distance, through any object in the golf field!
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5. Anyork 6X Golf Rangefinder

Anyork 6x Golf RangefinderThere is always a sort of transparency involved when buying rangefinders with slope. Incorporated to deliver perfect speed, the flexibility of the Anyork 6X magnification golf rangefinder will certainly live up to your own expectations. This is one of the best devices in case you are having a golf tournament ahead. The lens of this rangefinder gets easily adjusted, bringing you the image of the field to you.

The accuracy in terms of covering up the distance with this rangefinder is 1500 yards. The device is able to scan and bring in just the right results that you are looking for. In order to use the scan mode continuously, simply hold onto the switch and keep moving the lens. Check the distance in order to measure and scan it accurately. The rangefinder will now automatically give the readings to you. This device is so light-weighted that it can be carried anywhere. Because of its moisture-proof nature, this rangefinder can be used even during rainy seasons and in humid areas!

When you plan to buy this rangefinder, you also get certain accessories for free, starting with a small carry bag, a carabineer, lanyard, and a micro-fiber cleaning cloth for the lens. It also comes with a color box, a user manual, and CR2 batteries. The batteries seal up the performance scale for you. You can easily get better at your own game with this high-quality rangefinder today!

What we like about it:

  • This Golf rangefinder slope is equipped with a fast focus feature that directs the targets simply with the boundaries of the golf field.
  • The slope mode starts as well as stops automatically, with a time-gap of three seconds!
  • This device is again affordable if you are within a tight budget!
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How we choose the best slope switch rangefinder in our list

A lot of factors play a definitive role when it comes to buying golf rangefinder with slope. After some careful research on some particular models and their uses, a typical guide to slope rangefinder has been brought out to you. Therefore, proper buying guidance for the best rangefinder are listed below:

  • Magnification

One of the most critical factors to consider when buying an ideal rangefinder is its magnification. Starting with 4X, a rangefinder can help you in zooming the golf course 8X times. This is extremely useful in situations when you need to learn the basics of the game. Mostly for beginners, a higher magnification is beneficial.

  • Distance covered

To find the best golf rangefinders with slope, you need to catch up with the distance it can cover. Golf balls somewhere hit the average distance of 400 yards. Therefore, the rangefinder model you buy must suit the distance accurately. If you find a 500 yard rangefinder, consider it a plus point!

  • Speed

Golf is all about calculations and you do not want to rush into it, right? Therefore, every rangefinder out there has a typical speed limit, with which it can deliver results. The rangefinder that sends the laser beams within seconds is just the right kind you need.

  • Sloping feature

The sloping feature delivers accurate details about your golf game and is typically specific for every rangefinder model out there. Since your golf ball is used to inclines and declines, you must check with your shots to calculate the slope angle it went through!

Different types of slope switch rangefinder

Every rangefinder with slope or not has its own subtle features that help in mastering the game of golf. A rangefinder can make calculations easy, remove the dilemma about the game and help you in analyzing the golf ball prospects. Thus, if you haven’t checked out on the various rangefinder models yet, some of the best ones are as follows:

  • Vertical rangefinder

A vertical rangefinder is comparatively larger and a little heavier in nature. Although these are quite portable, professional golf players prefer using it in their games to get their results! The design of this rangefinder is sleek and happens to be a little cheap as well!

  • Horizontal rangefinder

In comparison to a vertical rangefinder, horizontal ones have improved magnification and are best for beginners. Although it is a little difficult to carry the model, you can use it to calculate your own game perfectly!

  • Laser rangefinder

In opting for the best golf laser rangefinder with slope, you must check with the laser clarity to make suitable calculations. Laser beams sent through the device can help you in your golf game and give you an average idea about your ball distance and position!

With all of the above types of rangefinders, you can avail today, you must always come to terms with the instructions before using it. The rangefinder package contains some essential benefits of using the device. In order to learn the game faster and be a pro at it, using a rangefinder can instantly deliver accurate results within seconds!

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