Best Spotting Scope Phone Adapter Review

6 Best Spotting Scope Phone Adapters (Reviews Updated 2020)

If you love nature photography and spend most of your time outdoors clicking pictures and recording videos of the world around you, then investing in the best spotting scope phone adapter is a wise decision. However, it may be challenging to find a phone adapter that is easy to use, offers reliable support and is long lasting without burning a hole in your pocket.

You may find it quite overwhelming to decide on which option is the best for you from the plethora of choices available in the market. So, to make things easier for you, we have researched and compared several models of cell phone adapters and selected the best spotting scope phone adapters with useful features.

And, if you’re trying to decide which is the best spotting scope phone adapter but are not sure about the stability and compatibility, then you have come to the right place. Read on to get all the info on the best spotting scope phone adapters on the market that will enable you to pick the best adapter that suits your requirements.

Best Spotting Scope Phone Adapters

Here are our spotting scope phone adapter reviews.

1. Vankey Cell Phone Adapter Mount

Best Overall

Vankey Cellphone Telescope Adapter Mount, Work With Binocular Monocular Spotting Scope Microscope For Iphone, Samsung, Htc, Lg

If you’re using your heavy and complicated phone adapter for your spotting scope and have to keep adjusting the position time and again, then it’s probably time to change your spotting scope phone adapter. The Vankey Cell Phone Adapter Mount is a new-gen smartphone adapter that is the best choice for your spotting scope. Now, you can transform your phone into an image or a video camera and capture stunning images of the distant world.

  • The phone adapter’s surface connecting to the eyepiece and phone is covered with a soft EVA pad that prevents the, from getting scratched and damaged.
  • The spotting scope phone adapter is made of durable materials. The body of the adapter is made of aluminum alloy and the clamp is made of sturdy PA plastic.
  • The phone mount works with spotting scopes, telescopes, binoculars, monoculars and microscopes.
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2. Gosky Universal Cell Phone Adapter Mount

Editor’s Choice

Gosky Universal Cell Phone Adapter Mount Compatible Binocular Monocular Spotting Scope Telescope Microscope Fits

The Gosky Universal Cell Phone Adapter is a versatile device that is compatible with your spotting scope, binoculars, telescope, monocular and microscope. With the Gosky adapter, now you can explore the distant world through your screen and take amazing pictures and videos.

  • The cell phone adapter offers a universal fit and an improved clamping system.
  • The cell phone adapter is made of sturdy materials. The mount has a full metal housing, the main part is made of zinc alloy and the clamp is made of strong PA plastic.
  • The shield of the adapter helps in quick alignment and blocks stray light.
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3. Lakwar Cell Phone Mount for Scope

Best Value

Lakwar Cell Phone Mount For Scope 360°rotatable Universal Cell Phone Adapter Mount Work With Binoculars, Microscope,spotting Scope

The Lakwar Cell Phone Mount for spotting scope is simple, yet powerful. The adapter is very easy to adjust and is compact and convenient to carry around wherever you go. The adapter is very functional and can free up your hands to record amazing photos and videos.

  • The adapter is ideal for a wide range of applications and can be mounted on binoculars, spotting scopes, telescopes, monoculars and microscope eyepieces.
  • The mobile phone adapter’s bracket has a large width of 54 mm to 90 mm and it fits over 98% cell phone models.
  • The surface of the adapter is covered with soft EVA material, which prevents your delicate equipment from being scratched or damaged.
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4. Celestron NexYZ 3-Axis Universal Smartphone Adapter

Celestron Nexyz 3 Axis Universal Smartphone Adapter

The NexYZ Universal Smartphone Adapter from Celestron with its unique Z-axis adjustment allows you to capture fantastic photos and videos via your spotting scope in seconds. With a durable metal frame and polymer body construction, the NexYZ is very sturdy and can withstand rigorous field use.

  • You can place your mobile phone on the platform and center it with the X and Y knobs and use the Z adjustment to move the camera up/down until you get the perfect shot.
  • The fully adjustable platform of the NexYZ smartphone adapter is compatible with all the latest Samsung, Apple and Google mobile devices.
  • The adapter fits any eyepiece of 35 mm-60 mm diameter and telescopes with 1.25”-2” eyepieces.
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5. F.Dorla Universal Cell Phone Adapter Mount

F.dorla Universal Cellphone Telescope Adapter Mount, Compatible With Binocular Monocular Spotting Scope Microscope For Iphone Samsung Cellphone

The F.Dorla Universal Cell Phone Adapter Mount is a new generation adapter compatible with all types of optical devices and converting your mobile phone into a photo/video camera and enabling you to explore nature through your small screen. The compact and lightweight cell phone adapter is extremely portable and allows you to carry it in your pocket or backpack easily. The cell phone adapter is very practical and convenient.

  • The cell phone adapter is made of durable materials. It has a full metal housing and aluminum alloy and the phone clamp is made of tough PA plastic.
  • The adapter has a large width range of 52 to 100 mm that fits most models of smartphones.
  • The mount comprises an eyepiece holder and a phone holder and the clamp can be tightened or loosened using the knob and screw.
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6. Gosky Phone Adapter

Gosky Telescope Phone Adapter Quick Aligned Cell Phone Digiscoping Adaptor Mount

The Gosky Phone Adapter allows you to connect your phone easily with your spotting scope and take beautiful pictures or videos of the world around you and share it with your family and friends. The adapter allows super quick and easy alignment of your cell phone or camera and a spotting scope.

  • The adapter is compatible with optics with an eyepiece having an outer diameter of 32 to 68 mm.
  • The adapter fits most smartphone brands with/without the case such as Samsung, iPhone, Sony, etc.
  • The adapter has soft material that protects your phone from all sides and the screw locks your cell phone firmly.
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Buyer’s Guide to Spotting Scope Phone Adapters

Here’s all you need to know about phone adapters for spotting scopes.


If you want that the spotting scope phone adapter is durable, then you must ensure that you choose one made of tough and durable materials. You can choose an adapter made of aluminum or any other metal or hard plastic. This will ensure that the adapter is long lasting. Usually, most adapters have an eyepiece holder and a cell phone holder.

The cell phone holder can come either with a clamp that can be tightened or loosened with the knob and screw or a suction cup. Usually, the clamp has EVA or rubber pads that ensure that your mobile phone is not scratched or damaged. The eyepiece holder usually consists of two parts that get smaller or larger when you turn the screw. Ensure that you do your homework before you buy the best spotting scope phone adapter.

Compatibility and Versatility

A mobile phone adapter is very versatile and you can use it in several ways and with different devices. You can attach your mobile phone using the adapter to your spotting scope, monoculars, binoculars, microscope and even a large telescope and take pictures or videos. An adapter offers endless possibilities; however, it is important that you remember that the part which is attached to the eyepiece has a limit and so you must check that it fits your optical equipment. The phone adapter has a much wider range and so you can use it with any type of cell phone.

Most adapters can fit on eyepieces of 25 to 45 mm, which makes them compatible with most spotting scopes, microscopes and binoculars. However, you must check the specifications of the adapter before you buy one.

Portability and Other Factors

Typically, the best spotting scope adapters are extremely lightweight and it is a good idea to stick with a model that is not more than 4 oz. Getting a heavier adapter may defeat its purpose, especially when you’re using it with a cell phone that is very light. Choosing a lightweight adapter ensures enhanced portability so that you can carry it in your pocket or backpack conveniently. Also, consider getting an adapter with a socket that will allow you to use it with a regular tripod if required. Also, make sure that all the clamps of the adapter have plastic or rubber pads to prevent any scratches or damage. The pads also help to improve the grip.

We hope that with the help of our reviews and buying guide, you are able to find the best spotting scope phone adapter for all your photography needs.

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