Best Spotting Scope Under 200 Review

5 Best Spotting Scope Under $200 (Reviews Updated 2020)

If you love target shooting, bird watching, hunting, etc., then getting a good spotting scope is a great idea. However, you may be under the impression that you have to spend a lot to get a high-quality scope. But, that’s not necessarily true. You can now buy a top-quality spotting scope without breaking the bank for less than $200.

You can easily find spotting scopes that are lightweight, offering excellent magnification and crystal-clear optics that are inexpensive and very affordable. However, for a price less than $200, you’re sure to find many duds amongst the gems. So, when you are shopping for a spotting scope online, you should be clear about the brands and models you’re considering.

So, we have researched and created a list of some of the best, inexpensive spotting scopes on the market that you can buy for less than $200. With the help of our reviews and buying guide, you’re sure to find the best spotting scope under $200 that can be your best ally in all your outdoor adventures.

Best Spotting Scope Under $200

Here are our under $200 spotting scope reviews.

1. Emarth 20-60x60AE Angled Spotting Scope

Best Overall

Emarth 20 60x60ae Waterproof Angled Spotting Scope With Tripod

The Emarth 20-60x60AE Spotting Scope is a waterproof 45o angled scope that is an excellent choice for bird watching, hunting, target shooting and other outdoor activities. The reasonably priced scope has a 20-60x zoom lens that offers close-up and long-range views and provides a comfortable full-field view in excellent color and clarity.

  • The spotting scope has a dynamic lens focusing system that offers different magnification levels.
  • The scope has a fully multi-coated lens and a BAK4 roof prism that increases the light transmission and provides clear, bright and high-contrast images.
  • The optics of the scope are sealed with O-rings that prevent dust, moisture and debris from getting into the scope and the fog proof barrel has argon gas that prevents internal fogging and offers protection in all weather conditions.
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2. Roxant Blackbird High Definition Spotting Scope with Zoom

Editor’s Choice

Roxant Authentic Blackbird High Definition Spotting Scope

This is among the best spotting scopes ideal for all types of outdoor activities. The spotting scope with zoom is quite rugged and has a non-slip armor which makes it stable and comfortable when you hold it. The Roxant Blackbird is compact and portable and the 45o angled eyepiece offers comfortable viewing.

  • It has a retractable/extendable eyepiece that can be used with or without glasses.
  • The scope features optical glass with a fully multi-coated all-glass lens and BAK4 Prism that ensures excellent light transmission for crystal-clear viewing.
  • The metal mounting screw ensures that the spotting scope is safe and will not snap off the tripod accidentally.
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3. Barska 20-60×60 Waterproof Straight Spotting Scope with Tripod

Best Value

Barska 20 60x60 Waterproof Straight Spotting Scope With Tripod

The 20-60×60 Spotting Scope from Barska features a wide zoom range that makes it ideal for bird watching, hunting, lunar observations, etc. The scope has fully coated optics that offer enhanced detail in a compact, durable weather-sealed housing.

  • The spotting scope has a 20-60x zoom range that makes it suitable for a broad range of viewing scenarios.
  • The scope has an adjustable objective lens that delivers precision focus.
  • The spotting scope comes with a soft case for safe storage of the scope and its accessories.
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4. Celestron Ultima 80 Angled Spotting Scope

Celestron – Ultima 80 Angled Spotting Scope – 20 To 60x80mm Zoom Eyepiece

The Celestron Ultima 20-60×80 mm is an excellent all-round spotting scope that is compact and portable. The scope has a 45o viewing angle that offers comfortable and better viewing. The lenses are fully multi-coated and offer higher light transmission that allows you to enjoy brighter images even in low-light conditions.

  • The spotting scope is completely waterproof and it is filled with dry nitrogen gas that prevents the lens from fogging.
  • The scope features a focus dial that lets you sharply focus on your subject quickly.
  • The T-Mount adapter allows you to attach your DSLR camera for digiscoping.
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5. Barska Colorado Waterproof Spotting Scope

Barska Colorado Waterproof Spotting Scope

The Barska Colorado Waterproof Spotting Scope is built for high-power observation at home, as well as for the outdoors. The spotting scope is completely waterproof and fog proof. The spotting scope is equipped with fully-coated optics and a 60 mm objective lens that delivers increased light transmission and a crisp view.

  • Weighing just 2.8 lb, the spotting scope is lightweight and portable.
  • The nitrogen-purged construction and high-quality rubber armor enable you to use the spotting scope in the harshest weather conditions.
  • The scope comes with a tripod that offers stability in difficult terrain, allowing you to spot your target easily.
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Buyer’s Guide – Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Spotting Scope Under $200

To deliver all the functionalities you need for hunting, bird watching and other outdoor activities, you don’t really need an expensive spotting scope. You can get a really good, high-quality scope for less than $200. It’s a good idea to consider a few factors when buying a spotting scope that we’ll discuss below.


Optics is the key factor that differentiates high- and poor-quality spotting scopes. For cheaper scopes, you can get a good-quality image at lower magnification, which delivers a vivid and clear image.

Objective Lens

You have scopes with differing lengths for the objective lens. If the objective lens is larger, it will gather more amount of light, which is perfect for long-distance viewing in low-light conditions and the image will be brighter. However, if you’re looking for a spotting scope for digiscoping, then getting one with a small objective lens is best because it is quite easy to use.


When you need higher magnification, then a spotting scope is the best device. When you’re considering spotting scopes, you will see numbers like 18-45×65 mm or 20×65 mm. The number before the x indicates the magnification. If the number is hyphenated, then the scope is a variable power scope and if the number is not hyphenated, then it is a fixed power scope. Generally, a variable scope is more versatile compared to a fixed power spotting scope and delivers a better image.

Lens Coating

Usually, spotting scopes are available with four kinds of lens coatings. The coating helps to increase the ability of the scope to gather light and also prevents glare. You have fully-coated, coated, fully multi-coated and multi-coated lens which differ in terms of the price and quality.

Straight and Angled Scopes

There are 2 types of spotting scope bodies – straight and angled — that essentially means how the eyepiece is oriented. The type of scope determines the ease of use for various purposes. Most compact, budget spotting scopes have straight bodies, which helps to reduce the size.

Weather Protection

You should look for a spotting scope that has a rubberized armor. This helps to keep water out, protects the scope from harsh weather conditions and also prevents damage due to bumps. Some spotting scopes may be filled with nitrogen or argon, which helps to prevent condensation or fogging. If you plan to use your scope for hunting, bird watching or other outdoor activities, then having weather protection is important.


Look for a spotting scope that features durable and rugged construction so that it can withstand all types of weather conditions and is long lasting.

Other Factors

Some of the other factors to consider when buying a spotting scope are:

  • Brand
  • Ease of use
  • Weight of the scope
  • If it is waterproof and fog proof
  • If it comes with a tripod or carrying stand

In conclusion, you can get the best spotting scope for under 200 that will deliver clear and bright images every time. All spotting scopes in the review are made of high-quality and reliable materials. They are durable and perform well. Nevertheless, it is a good idea for you to evaluate the various options available before you make your final decision of buying the best spotting scope for under $200.

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