Best Spotting Scope Reviews

5 Best Spotting Scopes (Reviews Updated 2020)

When thinking of the right kind of instruments to buy for bird watching, a binocular might be your first preference. If you are willing to experiment with a more helpful device, you can count on the difference that a spotting scope that gives you. It is certainly amazing to record the clarity of watching birds from a distance with the help of the best spotting scope. If you prefer intricacy in coming to terms with the life of birds, you better get yourself a spotting scope!

From the optical design to the characteristics of the device, spotting scopes are best in terms of secured bird-watching experience. Therefore, some of the top devices you should definitely consider today are listed below.

Best Spotting Scopes


1. Celestron 52250 80mm Ultima Zoom Spotting Scope

Celestron 52250 80mm Ultima Zoom Spotting ScopeOne of the best spotting scope in terms of better outdoor activity is the Celestron 80mm Ultima zoom spotting scope. The 45-degree viewing angle is pretty much comfortable for all enthusiasts out there. The increased natural viewing with this device is considerable, as the image you capture is clear and bright. You can count on the flexibility of this device in and out. Because of its light-weighted nature, this device is said to be 100% portable!

The 20X zooming feature ensures that you get the best view of the birds, in all environmental conditions. The 65mm helps in delivering transparent and brighter images without making it quite hazy. The durability of this device lies in its light refraction technology, which easily keeps the light focused on the image right in front of you. This device is best for spotting the birds from quite a distance and is appropriate in terms of all wildlife observations.

When buying this device, some of the accessories you get along with it are a small carrying case, an eye-piece, lens caps, eye-piece pouch, lens cloth, and also an instruction manual. The dual-coated lens keeps the focus clear, within an angle of 45 degrees. The images you capture are completely original, without any filter. This spotting scope is quite affordable, for tight-budget buyers as well! You also get the chance to access its warranty card, in case there is some damage to the device!

What we like about it:

  • The most suitable aspect of this device is its price range. The amalgamation of features makes it one of the best spotting scopes in the market.
  • The device is waterproof as well as fog-proof!
  • The eye-piece zooming is 60X at an angle of 45 degrees!
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2. Vortex Optics Diamondback spotting scope

Vortex Optics Diamondback Spotting ScopesThe best suitable spotting scope package comes with a set of extraordinary features. In case you are unaware of the qualities of the best value spotting scope, then the model by Vortex Optics is just the right device you need. For the best views in terms of portability, you can attach a small tripod stand to the spotting scope so that you can catch a glimpse of the birds with complete superiority. The threads of the tripod stand can be mounted easily, in relation to its perfect angular distance!

The viewing angle of the spotting scope can prove a superior position in terms of the flexibility of the device. You can turn the device in the clock as well as in an anti-clockwise direction as per your own comfortable situation. The high magnification power of 80X is suitable for all environmental conditions. The versatility and clarity in the zooming feature make this device stand out of the crowd. The higher the power of the device, the better is the overall view of the image in front of you. You can decrease and increase the zoom as you enjoy your bird watching experience.

The focus of the device is perfect and complete in terms of magnification. You will not come across any hazy picture with this spotting scope. The eyecups can be adjusted in terms of the zooming you prefer. In case your eye caps have glasses, then secure it downwards to view. For eye caps without glasses, you should secure it upwards to view!

What we like about it:

  • The most interesting aspect of this spotting scope is its clarity. The shade of the sun isn’t blocked from any angle here.
  • The price range is quite within affordable limits
  • The twisted eye-caps secure your view both upwards as well as downwards!
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3. Vortex Optics Viper-HD Spotting Scopes

Vortex Optics Viper Hd Spotting ScopesVortex Optics has always lived up to the expectations of its users when it comes to the operation of the best spotting scopes. Therefore, appreciating the sleek design of this spotting scope, your performance scale is twice the environment in whichever environment you want to use it. This device stands as a dominating factor in its ultimate zooming quality, thereby infusing clarity in the picture you see!

The resolution, combined with transparency is ideal in terms of the visual appearance of all outdoor activities. No image through this scope turns out to be hazy. The color stays the same and so does its quality. The visual of the birds and other wildlife is so stunning that you will certainly be mesmerized with the use of this device. No picture gets trimmed here, which gives complete focus! In order to use the eye-piece, simply turn and twist it in order to get a glimpse of it. Twisting in both clockwise as well as anti-clockwise direction enhances the zooming clarity of the image as well. There are certain indicator lines available that produce a few extra clicks with this device.

The viper can be mounted easily and can rest on a tripod stand as well for better transparency. The versatility of this device is superior and therefore, it is quite affordable for all individuals. There is a warranty card available, which can be used to repair the parts of the device!

What we like about it:

  • This Spotting scope is your ray of hope in delivering the best magnification power of 80X
  • The focus is adjustable up to any distance you like, within the zooming range!
  • The eyecups must be twisted in order to check in with the image in front of you!
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4. Gosky Spotting Scope

Gosky Spotting ScopeAll spotting scopes available in the market are constantly going through certain changes. In order to fascinate the audience and incorporate some of the best features into the device, the all-new Gosky Spotting Scope is an ideal model you can always rely upon. Used for multi-purpose events like hunting, bird watching, hiking, etc, this spotting scope can be used by professionals as well as beginners. The best feature of this device is its ability to withstand extreme climatic conditions.

For essential considerations in the field of bird watching, this spotting scope offers clarity, infused with high scaling performance. This device can be used for astronomical observations too, making it quite suitable for all situations. The 60X zooming feature is incredible. The multi-coated optical lenses are compatible, providing high resolution along with increased FOV or Field of View. This angular spotting scope can be adjusted at an angle of 45 degrees, with its focus slightly tilted to capture the best view of the object. You will not receive any hazy picture here, thereby adjusting to the viewing angle of your device.

This spotting scope comes with an additional feature of its waterproof interiors. The device is again fog proof and dustproof. You can buy this device at an affordable price range, which is suitable for every budget-goer out there! You can use the warranty card to repair subtle damages in the device!

What we like about it:

  • After reading some of the best Spotting scopes reviews, this device is efficient in all weather situations.
  • The device reflects the sunlight straight on the object in front of you!
  • This device can be operated with the help of your Smartphone, with the digiscoping adapter!
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5. MINOX MD 50 W Spotting Scope

Minox Md 50 W Spotting ScopeEvery gadget out there certainly comes with a suitable price tag. When you attempt to buy a spotting scope, budget is an important factor that you should definitely consider. Although there are various models available in the market, one of the best spotting scope for the money, is the MINOX MD 50 W spotting scope. The compact nature of this device is really interesting and is authentic in terms of its high power feature. The device can be adapted to any situation like; based on the activity you use it for.

All of the spotting scopes from the MINOX series come with a high magnification power of 80X. Therefore, the HD vision clarity that you receive is definitely on the list, highlighting the major difference that you notice with other similar gadgets. The premium quality lens glass attached to the device promotes good lighting. With the clarity in focus that you receive with this device, you can capture the tiniest of living organisms, starting an insect, small birds, etc. The suitability of a double-coated lens allows the complete transfer of light, without reflecting backward.

This device comes with an additional quality of being waterproof along with fog-proof in nature. The device is so light-weighted that it can be carried anywhere you like, thereby ensuring portability. The flexible adjustment of the eye-piece is excellent and renders just the perfect amount of transparency you need to see your image in!

What we like about it:

  • When buying this spotting scope, you can always count on its compact ergonomics.
  • The device has multiple coating layers near to the lens, so as to sustain a good amount of light from entering the device!
  • This spotting scope is really affordable to buy!
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How we choose the top spotting scope in our list

There is a lot of difference in using binoculars and spotting scopes for various outdoor activities. In understanding the terms and conditions of using such a device, a careful analysis was made in terms of its buying process. After reading Spotting scope reviews and understanding the nature of the product, the top buying factors to consider are listed below:

  • The power of magnification

A perfect shopping guide for spotting scope starts with its power of magnification. This aspect differs in terms of the model you buy. On a standard note, spotting scope has a higher magnification power, starting from 15X to 60X. This is quite high in relation to normal binoculars. When scanning through the birds, you will definitely get a clearer view, because of the magnification!

  • Zooming lenses

An essential characteristic of the spotting scope is its zooming lenses. This is interchangeable in terms of its magnification power. The camera lens receives more light when the magnification increases. A good zoom doesn’t blur the image but makes it all the clearer.

  • Glass quality

Next in line is the glass quality attached to the lens of the spotting scope. Good lens glass has a complete HD vision, with infused clarity. If you are viewing birds in a low-light area, your glass quality might stand as your savior!

  • Eye-piece feature

Another extraordinary factor to consider when buying the best spotting scope is its eye-piece feature. This can be somewhere between straight lines or in a completely horizontal position. It is convenient to consider the height of the spotting scope first before analyzing this factor!

Different types of spotting scope available

In the latest entry of Best spotting scopes in the market, a lot of suitable varieties of this device has come up. Sometimes, individuals often get confused with the features that are incorporated into this device. However, a beginner’s guide to buying the best spotting scope models are, therefore, listed below:

  • Digital LCD Spotting scope

The most impressive feature of LCD Spotting scopes is that there is a digital screen attached, which shows you the image of the birds right in your small screen. The device is comparatively a little larger since the screen is accommodated here!

  • Compact spotting scope

In relation to an LCD Spotting scope, compact devices are structurally small but have the same set of features as other spotting scopes. The device is light-weighted and has a superior optical vision too. The image from a compact spotting scope is sharp even in dim light conditions.

  • Angled spotting scope

The angled spotting scope has a greater field of view, irrespective of greater magnification. The multi-coated lens infuses more light into the screen and gives you a clearer and brighter image of the birds around you!

  • Straight Spotting scope

Similar to a telescope, a straight spotting scope consists is user-friendly and is best for beginners. It is highly portable and is adaptable to all outdoor scenarios!

All of the above-suggested spotting scope models have suitable features that are used for all outdoor activities like hunting, bird watching, etc. Make it a point to read the instruction manual of the device before using it!

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