Best Telescope Eyepieces.

5 Best Telescope Eyepieces (Reviews Updated 2020)

The telescope by itself plays a small role when you’re exploring the wonders of the cosmos. The eyepiece of the telescope is an integral component of the telescope and each telescope has at least one eyepiece. The eyepiece defines the field of view (FOV), as well as the magnification power of the telescope. The magnification of one eyepiece differs from another on the basis of their focal lengths and FOV. By changing the eyepiece of your telescope, you can completely transform your viewing experience.

Whether you are an amateur astronomer or an expert having several telescopes to explore the night sky, having high-quality eyepieces can make all the difference. With so many options of eyepieces available on the market, finding the best telescope eyepiece can be quite tricky. In this guide, we will offer some insight into some of the best telescope eyepieces available and a buying guide that will help you to choose the best one for your needs. So, read on to know more.

Best Telescope Eyepieces

Here are our telescope eyepiece reviews.

1. ​​Celestron 1.25” Telescope Eyepiece and Filter Kit​

Celestron – 1.25” Eyepiece And Filter Accessory Kit

The 14-piece Celestron Telescope Eyepiece and Filter Kit are designed to increase the functionality, efficiency and versatility of your telescope. The kit contains 5 top-grade eyepieces, 6 colored planetary filters, a Barlow lens and a moon filter with a sturdy aluminum carrying case. The eyepieces are superior in terms of efficiency and quality. Now you can add life to your telescope and get a great viewing experience with the Celestron Telescope Kit.

  • The accessory kit includes 5 high-quality Plossl telescope eyepieces of 6 mm, 8 mm, 13 mm, 17 mm and 32 mm.
  • Each of the telescope eyepieces has a 4-element design and a 52o
  • The kit contains a 2x Barlow lens that can be paired with any of the 5 eyepieces, which helps to enhance the view and double the magnification providing more power.
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2. Celestron 93230 1.25 Zoom Eyepiece

Celestron 93230 8 To 24mm 1.25 Zoom Eyepiece

The Celestron 93230 Zoom Eyepiece is an excellent telescopic device that combines several eyepieces in one. The eyepiece lets you switch from one magnification level to another without the need to change the eyepiece and refocus. Usable on any 1.25” telescope, the Celestron 93230 is excellent and value for money buy.

  • The premium quality eyepiece is fully multi-coated and offers a vivid, crisp and precise view.
  • The 8-24 mm eyepiece lets you zoom from low to high power instantly.
  • The folding eyecup of the eyepiece lets you view with or without your eyeglasses and offers a 40-60-degree FOV.
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3. Orion 08890 1.25-Inch Telescope Kit

Orion 08890 1.25 Inch Premium Telescope Accessory Kit (silver)

Now you can elevate the performance of your telescope with the versatile Orion 08890 Telescope Kit. The kit includes 12 accessories that can fit any telescope – 6 eyepiece filters, 1 Barlow lens and 5 telescope eyepieces. The high-power eyepieces contained in the kit deliver higher magnifications and offer excellent views of your target.

  • The kit has 5 Sirius telescope eyepieces of 6.3 mm, 7.5 mm, 10 mm, 17 mm and 40 mm focal lengths that allow viewing at varied magnifications.
  • The kit has 6 eyepiece filters 5 colored planetary filters and a 13% transmission neutral-density Moon filter.
  • The telescope accessory kit comes in an aluminum carrying case that has a die-cut foam interior that has been designed to keep all your accessories organized and ready for use.
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4. Gosky Accessory Kit with Telescope Plossl Eyepieces Set

Gosky Astronomical Telescope Accessory Kit

The 9-piece 1.25” telescope kit enhances the performance of your telescope and lets you get the most out of it. The kit consists of 3 basic Plossl eyepieces and an excellent collection of color filters, Barlow lens, etc. that helps to enhance your viewing experience tremendously. The kit has a T-adapter that lets you attach your DSLR to the telescope to click great photographs.

  • The kit contains 3 Plossl eyepieces of 6 mm, 12.5 mm and 20 mm for observing a wide range of lunar and planetary bodies.
  • The 2x Barlow lens included with the kit helps to double the magnification of any 1.25-inch eyepiece.
  • The kit contains a tele-extender that helps the focal length of the telescope and offers greater customization.
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5. Meade Instruments 07199-2 Series 4000 1.25-Inch Zoom Eyepiece

Meade Instruments 07199 2 Series 4000 8 To 24 Millimeter 1.25 Inch Zoom Eyepiece

The 07199-2 Series 4000 Zoom Eyepiece from Meade Instruments is a versatile device that offers the widest viewing field along with extra sharpness and long eye relief. The eyepiece’s lenses are multi-coated and offer excellent light transmission and image contrast. The eyepiece has all that you need to explore and capture the night sky and is great for both beginners, as well as serious astronomers.

  • The 07199-2 Series 4000 Eyepiece delivers low spherical aberration, astigmatism and off-axis color.
  • The eyepiece folds down, which is very convenient for people wearing glasses and it also prevents the glasses from getting scratched.
  • The eyepiece features a 7-element system and a 55o apparent field at the 8 mm setting and 40o at the 24 mm setting.
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Telescope Eyepiece Buyer’s Guide

Despite having a simple appearance, eyepieces are quite complex. Most eyepieces have many optical components and here are some important aspects to consider when you’re purchasing the best telescope eyepiece.

Types of Lens

While looking for the best telescope eyepieces, you can find 3 types of eyepiece designs. While all of them are universally compatible, there are a few differences in terms of the viewing experience.

Plossl Lens

Plossl lenses are the most common type of eyepieces and are the ones that commonly come along with the telescope. Plossl lenses are quite flexible and are perfect for beginners. Plossl lenses are available in different focal lengths and the FOV offered is moderate, which is fine if you need to look at a wide range of objects. However, since they can accommodate long focal lengths, they also have greater eye relief, hence, they are more comfortable.

Wide-Angle Lens

Wide-angle lens offers a wide FOV and is ideal for viewing objects like distant star clusters, nebulae, etc. When you view through a wide-angle lens, the image you see is more realistic. The FOV will depend on the design of the eyepiece. Wide-angle lenses typically range from 68-120 degrees.

Orthoscopic Lens

These are ideal for viewing the planets, the moon, etc. as they offer excellent clarity. These lenses are designed to reduce distortion and chromatic aberration. The FOV through orthoscopic lenses is flatter and true to life and there are no problems like muddiness and star trailing. The only limitation is that orthoscopic lenses have a limited FOV and you get only around 40-45 degrees.

Barlow Lens

This is a unique type of accessory and it’s technically not an eyepiece but an add-on to the eyepiece. When you attach the Barlow lens to the eyepiece, it helps to increase the focal length of the eyepiece and hence the magnification power. Barlow lens offers more flexibility. Instead of just getting the magnification that is offered by an eyepiece, you can combine it with a Barlow lens to get more power.

Size of Eyepiece

This size of the eyepiece is a very important factor. 1.25” is most popular in terms of the size; however, 2” eyepieces are also available. The eyepiece is dependent on the telescope’s size. If you’re planning to buy a telescope, then it is a good idea to buy a 1.25” telescope, which lets you use multiple eyepieces.

Eyepiece Types

There are three types of eyepieces – set eyepiece, single eyepiece and zoom eyepiece. Set kits have more than one eyepiece of varying focal lengths and magnification powers. When you buy one eyepiece, this is a single eyepiece and you have the option of buying more than just one eyepiece of varying magnifications according to your needs. A zoom eyepiece has two to four eyepieces of varying magnifications in one. Single and set eyepieces need to be changed frequently while you’re using them, while zoom eyepieces let you focus at one without frequent eyepiece changes or refocusing.

Focal Length

The eyepiece’s magnification power depends on its focal length. Eyepieces with higher magnification power offer detailed views of celestial objects in the sky, while eyepieces with smaller magnification allow you to get a quick focus of the target.

Priority Use

While there may be several reasons as to why you wish to buy an eyepiece for your telescope, there is sure to be a key reason. You may want to view the moon, planets, etc. in closer detail or view specific objects in the sky. You must buy the best telescope eyepiece according to your proposed use for it.

The best telescope eyepiece can completely change your view about astronomy. With so many options available, choosing the best telescope eyepiece can help to achieve your objectives. We hope that our reviews and buying guide have given you enough information that will help you choose the best telescope eyepiece for all your cosmic explorations.

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