Best Telescopes For City Viewing

5 Best Telescopes for City Viewing (Reviews Updated 2020)

After the regular hustle and bustle of the daily city life, there are so many exciting ways to unwind and things to see in the city and no better way to view them than with a city viewing telescope. If you’re looking for the low-down on some of the best telescopes for city viewing, we’ve put together this list of amazing products you’ll be sure to love. The ideal city viewing telescope should yield excellent magnification, have an impressive range, and yield excellent image clarity both in the day and at night.

Best Telescopes for City Viewing

If you’re in the market for a telescope that will help you capture fascinating images in your beautiful city, you’ve come to the right place. Take your time to go through this list that we’ve compiled for you.


Levenhuk Skyline Portable Travel 80 Refractor Telescope With Bag – Fully Multi Coated Optics

It’s no surprise that this fantastic product premieres our list of city-viewing telescopes. It’s very easy to assemble and is very lightweight. We can already picture you at your apartment window gazing through this beauty with utmost satisfaction.

  • Perfect for kids or beginners and easy to assemble.
  • Suitable for city viewing as well as astronomy with superb image quality.
  • Comes with a carrying bag for superb portability.
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Gskyer Telescope, Travel Scope, 70mm Aperture

Another product we love is the Gskyer 70mm Telescope. If you’re looking for a high-quality scope at an affordable price, this is the one. It’s portable and easy to use. It stands out with its impressive image quality and clear contrasts. It also emphasizes great value for money with the extra accessories it comes with.

  • Easy to use and portable.
  • Adaptable to both city viewing and astronomical viewing.
  • Comes with extra accessories.
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Celestron 70mm Travel Scope

Apart from being a total beauty, the Celestron Travel Scope 70 is of excellent quality and will take your eyes anywhere you want to go. It’s also perfect for viewing both celestial and terrestrial objects. This lightweight scope is extremely easy to assemble -no tools required.

  • Exceptional optics
  • Comes with a bag and tripod stand.
  • Bonus Starry Night
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Telmu Telescope, 70mm Aperture 400mm Az Mount Astronomical Refracting Telescope Adjustable(17.7in 35

It’s easy to fawn over the TELMU 70mm because of its remarkable functionality at an affordable price tag. The magnification is off the charts, it’s super easy to operate and gives a clear picture of whatever you’re looking at in the night sky. It also comes with extra accessories that emphasize out of the box use and astrophotography compatibility.

  • Comes with a phone holder for taking pictures.
  • Great value for money.
  • Outstanding magnification.
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Aomekie Telescope For Adults Astronomy Beginners 700mm Focal Length 234x Magnification Travel Scope

The Aomekie can be used for viewing both land and celestial objects and gives you a super clear image. Superb magnification and erect imaging are just of the amazing features this gadget offers, making it the ideal gift item to kids and friends. It is very easy to set up and comes with a phone adapter to enable you to take the best photos both on land and of the cosmos.

  • Ideal for both land and astronomical use.
  • Superb magnification.
  • Supports astrophotography function.
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Telescopes for City Viewing Buying Guide

Modern cities offer the city viewing enthusiast an infinite variety of amazing scenery. With a telescope in your kit, you can take your city viewing adventure up a notch. Choosing the right city viewing telescope requires you to put some factors into consideration.

Our buying guide reviews the best telescopes for city viewing on the market based on their special features, giving you a basis to compare them and make the right choice quickly.

 Image Orientation

This is one of the most important considerations to make. The design of many telescopes yield an inverted image into your eye that may not be a problem when looking at celestial objects, but certainly means a load for city viewing. To solve this, you should use a right-angle inverting/erect-image eyepiece. It is always a great idea to buy a telescope that comes with this.


It is a common mistake among many city viewing enthusiasts to buy telescopes with too much magnifying power. Small, portable refractor telescopes are usually the preferred choice and yield excellent image clarity in viewing ranges of a few hundred to a few thousand yards.


Regardless of what people may believe, you don’t need to buy an overly expensive telescope. You’ll find many high-quality scopes for very affordable prices in the market. There’s no need to break the bank.

City viewing telescopes are much like binoculars in their functions and need not be too pricey.

Camera Compatibility

Whether you want to just view the city or capture stunning images will also determine your choice. For the latter, it is always a good idea to go for telescopes with mounts that support a smartphone or camera. With this, you can capture stunning images and videos for your blog, social media, tourism ideas, or just to share with family and friends.

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