Best Telescopes Under $200

5 Best Telescopes Under $200 (Reviews Updated 2020)

A telescope is an optical tool used for viewing distant objects clearly. It is an instrument that makes distant objects appear magnified by using an arrangement of lenses or curved mirrors and lenses, or various devices used to observe distant objects by their emission, absorption or reflection of electromagnetic radiations.

The job of a telescope is to gather light and bring it to the eyepiece of the camera. The larger the aperture of the telescope, the more the light telescope can gather making a brighter, sharper, and detailed picture. The telescope is used for various scientific, education and research purposes.

Best Telescopes Under $200


1. Gskyer Telescope

Gskyer Telescope, 80mm Az Space Astronomical Refractor TelescopeThe product has a high-quality optics. The focal length of the telescope is 400mm(f/ 5.7) and an aperture of  70mm. The product comes with a fully coated optics glass lens with high transmission coatings which creates stunning images and protects the eyes of the viewer. The product also has a high magnification and comes with two replaceable eyepieces and one 3x Barlow lens, which triples the magnifying power of each eyepiece. The 5×24 finder scope with mounting brackets and cross-hair lines inside makes object location easy.

The product is a wireless tool. It means that there is no use of wires to run the equipment. It is simple, convenient, and hassle free to use. It is useable for all scientific and researches based studies. The telescope package includes one smartphone adapter and one wireless camera remote for free to explore the nature of the world in an easy and simple way through the screen and take amazing and beautiful pictures of celestial bodies.

The telescope comes with an adjustable tripod and carry bag. The telescope allows for many different viewing positions with an adjustable aluminum alloy tripod and a carry bag. The telescope, as well as the tripod, can fit well inside the carry bag for easy traveling and storage. This telescope is the best telescope under $200 available.  It is convenient to carry at various places for research purposes.

What We Like About It

  • It is a perfect telescope for scientists to explore, research, and study the moon and the stars.
  • The product comes with a guarantee period of twelve months and lifetime maintenance. With such services, satisfaction is guaranteed.
  • The telescope is portable and could be carried to various places.
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2. Celestron- 70mm Travel Scope- Portable Refractor Telescope

Celestron 70mm Travel Scope Portable Refractor TelescopeThe product comes with superior optics. The Celestron 70mm Travel Scope telescope features high quality, fully-coated glass optics. The telescope has a very potent 70mm objective lens as well as a lightweight frame. All these equipments could be carried in a custom bag pack that comes with the product. The product maintains its class and quality all through its lifetime.

The telescope has very powerful eyepieces for up-close viewing of the picture formed. The telescope is equipped with two high-quality eyepieces where one is 20mm and the other is 10mm. These eyepieces provide low and high power views of the celestial objects at night and terrestrial objects during the day. The telescope has a large 70mm objective lens for better viewing experience. This 70mm objective lens provides enhanced and brighter views as compared to the 50mm model while adding very little additional weight.

The product comes with a bonus bag, a free tripod, and free software. This Celestron telescope along with a full-height tripod within the free bag pack can be taken anywhere easily and used. The accessories also include a free download of one of the top consumer rated astronomy software programs. The product has a long life and supports various scientific and research purposes. It is easy to use even for beginners. The telescope is portable and can be taken to different places to view glorious celestial objects.

What We Like About It

  • The product is high quality and unmatched in its class against its competitors.
  • The product comes with an unbeatable warranty. It gives a two-year warranty and access to technical support from US-based experts.
  • The product is super easy to be used by beginners and easy to carry.
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3. ToyerBee Telescope for kids and beginners

Toyerbee Telescope For Kids & BeginnersToyerBee telescope is the best telescope for kids and beginners. It meets all the needs and demands of beginners, and the kids can begin their astronomical journey with this superb product. The product has a 3x Barlow lens and two eyepieces, on is H20mm and the other is H6mm. These lenses give a magnification of 15x to 150x. This makes it easy for any new user to get a clear and understandable picture of the celestial body.

The product has a large aperture. The 70mm aperture with a 300mm focal length provides more light and clearer images. Even new users can get a clear image from this telescope. This is due to the wide aperture of the telescope. The bigger the aperture, the bigger the field vision, and hence clearer the image.

The telescope is a wireless product. The ToyBee telescope set includes one smartphone adapter and one wireless camera remote to explore the nature of the world easily through the screen and take superb and amazing images. The product is easy to assemble and dismount. The product comes with a full set of paper and video installation guidelines. The users need not worry about any installation process. It is very easy and simple even for beginners and kids to install the telescope without any tools and use it effectively. This telescope is one of the best telescopes under $200.

What We Like About It

  • This telescope is the best telescope for the kids and astronomy beginners to start with.
  • The telescope is a portable travel telescope and it can be taken anywhere for astronomical viewings.
  • The product comes with a three-year warranty. The customers can contact the company for any query.
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4. Celestron- PowerSeeker 127EQ Telescope

Celestron Powerseeker 127eq TelescopeThis telescope is the best option for beginners. The Celestron PowerSeeker 127EQ is an easy to use and powerful telescope. The PowerSeeker series of telescopes is designed to give the first time telescope user the perfect combination of quality, power, value, and features. It is an ideal telescope, to begin with, astronomy. It is simple to use and understand. Beginners will find it convenient to handle and easy to use.

The telescope comes with a manual German equatorial mount. The user can negative the sky with the new Newtonian Reflector telescope. It features a German equatorial mount with a slow-motion altitude rod for a smooth and accurate pointing. The user can adjust the rod to the desired position and then easily secure by tightening the cross knob. It gives the perfect pointing and forms a good picture before the eyes.

The product is accompanied by multiple useful accessories. The Celestron PowerSeeker 127EQ Telescope comes with two eyepieces. One is 20mm and the other is 4mm. Additionally, each eyepiece comes with a 3x Barlow lens to triple the power of each eyepiece. These lenses enhance the power of the telescope and provide a clear and better picture. The users can also download Bonus Starry Night Astronomy Software package for better experience. The product is surely a value for money. The Celestron PowerSeeker 127EQ telescope is one of the best affordable telescopes.

What We Like About It

  • The telescope is an apt choice for astronomy beginners.
  • The telescope has the best additional accessories attached to it.
  • The product has a god warranty and viable customer support. It comes with a two-year warranty and unlimited access to technical support from a team of US-based experts.
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5. TELMU Telescope 70mm Aperture Refracting Telescope

Telmu Telescope 70mm Aperture Refracting TelescopeThe TELMU Telescope is an ultra-clear refracting telescope. The telescope comes with a 400mm focal length and 70mm aperture which provides a more clear picture. The TELMU telescope also comes with an optical glass coated for enhanced image brightness to protect the eye of the viewer. The product is an awesome tool for beginners and students to understand and study the space and celestial objects.

The product gives the optimum magnification to the pictures. The product comes with two replaceable Keller eyepieces to give a better viewer experience. The two replaceable 1.25” Keller eyepiece include one lens of K6mm/16X and other of K25/67X. These eyepieces enhance the power of this astronomical telescope. The TELMU telescope comes with a 5X24 finderscope with mounting bracket and cross line, erect image diagonal make locating objects easy and simple.

The telescope is quite simple and easy to operate. No tools are required for refractor telescope even for a novice. The telescope could be adjusted from about 17.7 inches to 35.4 inches. The telescope allows for many different observational positions and keeps the whole tripod steady with the help of a castor wheel. With this telescope, the user can take pictures and video of the sky and share them with friends and family in real-time with the help of the phone holder. The telescope is good for those who are interested in learning astronomy.

What We Like About It

  • The product is simple, understandable, and easy to use.
  • The product comes with a bag pack and a delicate box as a gift. It is a perfect learning tool for kids.
  • The product has a 24-month warranty. Customers can contact the company if there is any problem.
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How we choose the top telescope under $200 in our list

Choosing the best telescope for you completely depends upon the purpose for which you need the telescope. If you are just starting out in astronomy, you should begin with simple and easily adjustable telescopes. If you are an experienced researcher or a scientist you may go for slightly complex models. The telescopes could be reflector, refractor or compound. The refractors collect light with lenses, the reflectors collect with mirrors, and the compound telescopes are the mixture of the two. You can choose the lens size depending upon your requirement as bigger lenses are delicate to maintain. You should also check for the aperture and the focal length. Choosing the correct focal length is very important as it decides the magnification power of the telescope. You may also refer to telescope under $200 reviews to choose a good one.

There are many brands and companies in the market that provide all sorts of telescopes as per requirements. There are also many varieties available depending upon the nature of the use of the tool. You should choose a cost-effective telescope depending upon your budget and requirements. The cost of a telescope depends upon various factors such as manufacturer, quality, and size. Some companies also provide free accessories like wireless remote and adaptable charger with the telescope. You can choose from a huge variety of options available in the market as per your budgets and requirements. Choose the best product after thorough comparison and research and make sure it is a one-time investment.

Different types of Telescopes under $200

Telescopes are basically three types refractors, reflectors, and compounds. A refractor is the very common type of a telescope where front lens focuses light to form an image at the back. The eyepiece is a little magnifying glass with which the user can look at the image. The reflector telescope uses a mirror to gather and focus light. Its most common form is the Newtonian reflector with a specially curved concave primary mirror at the bottom end of the telescope. Near the top, a small, diagonal secondary mirror directs the light from the primary to the side of the tube. The third type of telescope is the compound telescope that carries the best characteristics of both the telescopes. They employ both lenses and mirrors to form an image. As for cost, compound telescopes lies midway between the refractor telescopes and the reflector telescopes.

Choosing a telescope depends upon the specific need of the user. Like ToyerBee Telescope is good for kids and beginners where as Telmu telescope is ideal for scientic and research purposes. ToyerBee telescope has a focal length of 300mm while Telmu telescope has a focal length of 400mm. ToyerBee telescope has eyepieces of H20mm and 6mm respectively which make it ideal for beginners and amatures whereas Telmu telescope comes with eyepieces of K6mm and K25mm respectively which makes it very desireable for research purposes.

All models come with their own attributes and qualities. Choose a model that fits your requirements and gives you the desired maximum results.

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