Best Terrestrial Telescope

5 Best Terrestrial Telescopes (Reviews Updated 2020)

A terrestrial telescope is a must have for astronomy enthusiasts. There are several telescopes in the market that allow you to observe celestial objects during the night and terrestrial objects during the day. But you can also opt for a device that is dedicated to observing terrestrial objects.

The following sections offer a mix of such telescopes. While some are dedicated terrestrial telescopes, others are a combination of astronomical and terrestrial telescopes. The reviews are then followed by a brief buying guide to help you select a terrestrial telescope.

Best Terrestrial Telescopes

Here are our terrestrial telescope reviews.

1. Celestron Portable Refractor Telescope

Celestron 70mm Travel Scope

The Celestron portable refractor telescope scope is a lightweight and portable telescope. It allows you to view celestial objects up close and offers a powerfully crisp image, at the same time, you can use the power of the same optics to view terrestrial objects during the day. The telescope also comes with a bonus astronomy software and other free accessories.

  • The telescope offers glass optics that are fully-coated so you can enjoy a crisp, bright image without hurting your eyesight.
  • The telescope also comes with two inbuilt eyepieces (20 mm and 10 mm) for both low and high-power views. With these eyepieces, you can view celestial objects at night and terrestrial objects during the day.
  • The terrestrial telescope comes with a large 70 mm objective lens that lets in just the right amount of light for a clear and crisp image.
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2. Celestron — PowerSeeker 50AZ Telescope

Celestron Powerseeker 50az Telescope

The Celestron PowerSeeker 50 AZ telescope is a great terrestrial telescope for beginners. This is a powerful telescope with a compact and portable construction, that allows you to look at terrestrial objects during the day and celestial objects during the night. It is a user-friendly device and has been constructed keeping in mind the skill-level of a first-time user.

  • The telescope comes with a manual yoke mount that allows you to do slow-motion manual tracking with great ease. The mount is easy to use, you only need to set it at the desired position and tighten the cross knob.
  • The telescope comes with several different types of accessories, such as four eyepieces, a star diagonal, a 3x Barlow lens, a finderscope, etc.
  • The refractor telescope has a lightweight and compact design that allows you to carry it around with ease. This can also be a suitable purchase for children, for this reason.
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3. Orion 9024 AstroView 90mm Equatorial Refractor Telescope

Orion 9024 Astroview 90mm Equatorial Refractor Telescope

The Orion 9024 AstroView 90mm equatorial refractor telescope has been selected as the best value product precisely because it offers a lot at an inexpensive rate. It has a large 90mm aperture that lets in adequate amounts of light for you to get a bright image. While you will need to purchase a correct-image diagonal separately, this makes for a great terrestrial telescope when you have all the required accessories in place.

  • The telescope comes with an EQ-2 adjustable tripod and an equatorial mount that allows you to do manual slow-motion tracking with ease.
  • The terrestrial telescope also comes with two Sirius Plossl eyepieces of 25 mm and 10mm each, as well as a 6×30 finderscope.
  • The device has a long focal length of 910 mm so you can get a large and crisp image of deep-sky objects in the day as well as night.
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4. Celestron ExploraScope 22103 114AZ Reflector Telescope

Celestron Explorascope 22103 114az Reflector Telescope

The Celestron ExloraScope 22103 is a reflector telescope that has an incredibly lightweight frame and is perfectly portable. It does not require any special tools for setting up and you can use it practically out of the box. It has a large aperture of 114mm and you can use it for easy and smooth manual tracking.

  • The telescope comes with several accessories, including two eyepieces of 20mm and 4mm each, a 3x Barlow lens and a finderscope for spotting the object you want to focus on with greater ease.
  • The device comes with a slow-motion rod control that makes manual tracking even more simple and effective.
  • The telescope also comes with an adjustable height tripod that has its own accessory tray for greater ease of use.
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5. Gskyer Telescope, Travel Scope, 70mm Aperture

Gskyer Telescope, Travel Scope, 70mm Aperture

The Gskyer telescope is a travel scope with a large aperture of 70 mm and an incredible focal length of 400 mm. The telescope comes with two replaceable eyepieces and a 3x Barlow lens for an enhanced and crisp view. You can also enjoy the benefits of an adjustable tripod and carry bag that makes the telescope perfectly portable and allows you to bring it with you everywhere.

  • The telescope comes with fully-coated optics on the glass lens that has high transmission coatings, allowing you to enjoy the image while your eyes are protected.
  • The telescope also comes with a 5×24 finderscope that is accompanied by a mounting bracket of its own. The cross-hair lines in the scope make it easier for you to find the object you want to focus on.
  • The telescope also offers incredible wireless control and comes with a free smartphone adapter and wireless camera remote.
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Terrestrial Telescope Buyer’s Guide

A terrestrial telescope is a device that allows you to observe terrestrial objects with ease without inverting the image. It provides you a clear, accurate image without any distortions and is the best way to observe terrestrial objects during the day. This is a specific type of telescope so when you are looking for one of this kind in the market, it is important to keep certain factors in mind. The following are some of the things you may want to look for in a terrestrial telescope.

Correct-Image Diagonal

A terrestrial telescope needs to have a correct-image diagonal. In some cases, a regular telescope will be compatible with the provisions for the correct-image diagonal, but you may have to buy the actual corrector separately. In other cases, the correct-image diagonal will be inbuilt and you can use the device to view terrestrial objects during the day and celestial objects during the night. With a correct-image diagonal, you will be looking at the object as it is and there will be no distortions or inversions. This is the fundamental requirement of a terrestrial telescope.


The eyepiece of the telescope can completely change your experience of using the device. The eyepiece will dictate how powerful the image will be. Ideally, the eyepiece should also have coated glass optics so that your eyesight is protected when you are looking into the lens. Often the image can be quite bright, especially when you are looking at terrestrial objects during the day. But with fully-coated glass optics, you will be able to enjoy a great image without damaging your eyesight.


A telescope is not the most inexpensive thing in the market, so it always makes for a better purchase if the telescope also comes with certain accessories. Some of the most important accessories that a telescope must come with include an adjustable tripod, replaceable eyepieces, Barlow lens, a finderscope and provisions for easy and smooth manual tracking. These accessories are what will make the telescope a complete buy and allow you to make the most use of it.

Manual Tracking

If you are inclined towards astronomy and want to become better in the field, it is important to keep experimenting and exploring more. With a slow-motion manual tracking ability, you will be able to cover more of the sky and discover more things. Manual tracking is the best way to practice more with the telescope and better your skills. Slow-motion manual tracking is a great feature to have in astronomical as well as terrestrial telescopes.

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