Best Travel Telescope

6 Best Travel Telescopes (Reviews Updated 2020)

When you are out camping or simply spending some time underneath the open skies, there are a bunch of things you may need to carry. While several other lists on the internet will tell you what the essentials for such a trip are, most people neglect to mention a travel telescope. With a travel telescope, you do not need to retire into your tent at night. Even if you are not on a camping trip, no matter where you are, the day does not need to come to a close at nightfall.

You can simply whip that travel telescope out of your bag and put this astronomy skills to use. But how do you know which travel telescope is the best fit for you? The following are some of the best travel telescopes in the market that you can consider. The reviews are followed by a brief buying guide for finding the travel telescope that is the right choice for you.

Best Travel Telescopes

Here are our travel telescope reviews.

1. Celestron — 70mm Travel Scope

Celestron 70mm Travel Scope Portable Refractor Telescope

The Celestron 70mm travel scope is one of the best travel telescopes you can consider. It comes with an incredible 70 mm objective lens and has a lightweight and portable frame. The eyepiece allows you to view objects up close and get a clear image.

  • The travel telescope comes with fully-coated glass optics that allow you to get a crystal clear image.
  • The device comes with two eyepieces of incredible quality (of 20 mm and 10 mm) for low and high-power views.
  • The device also comes with a bag for ease of carrying, a tripod as well as top-of-the-line software for astronomy enthusiasts.
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2. TELMU Telescope

Telmu Telescope 70mm Aperture Refracting Telescope

The TELMU telescope is an ultra-clear refracting telescope with a focal length of 400 mm. It has a fully-coated optical glass that allows for a clear and bright image. This is a great travel telescope for kids and beginners just picking up astronomy skills.

  • The travel telescope has a 70 mm aperture that allows you to capture a crystal clear image.
  • The device comes with two eyepieces and a 5 x 24 finder scope that comes with a mounting bracket for extremely smooth use.
  • You can also capture pictures and videos from the telescope and share them in real time through the convenient friends folder.
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3. ToyerBee Telescope for Kids & Beginners

Toyerbee Telescope For Kids

The ToyerBee Telescope is the perfect device for kids and beginners. The device comes with two eyepieces of H20 mm and H6 mm and a 3x Barlow lens. The device can also be assembled within minutes and dismounted at will, whenever required.

  • The device has a large aperture of 70mm and also boasts of a 300mm focal length that allows you to get a brighter and clearer image.
  • The device also comes with a smartphone adapter as well as a wireless camera remote that allows you to manage the images you are capturing through your phone.
  • The device offers a magnification of 15x to 50x that allows you to observe objects far into the distance.
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4. Telescope for Kids 70mm Aperture Travel Scope

Telescope For Kids 70mm Apeture Travel Scope 400mm Az Mount Good Partner To View Moon And Planet

The Telescope for kids by Solomark is an incredible device with a 70 mm aperture. This is a travel scope with a high magnification that comes with two eyepieces of 1.25 inches each. This is a lightweight and adjustable device that you can carry with you wherever you go.

  • The device comes with a special backpack that has been built especially to house the telescope and make it portable.
  • The device has a focal length of 400 mm and also comes with fully-coated optics for a bright and clear view.
  • The telescope also has a 10 mm smartphone eyepiece adapter that allows you to focus on the object and get a clear image for capturing on your phone.
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5. Gskyer Telescope

Gskyer Telescope, 80mm Az Space Astronomical Refractor Telescope

The Gskyer telescope is a portable and easy-to-use telescopic device that has a focal length of 400 mm. The device also comes with high magnification and two replaceable eyepieces, along with a 3x Barlow lens. The device also has a 5 x 24 mm finder scope that comes with a mounting bracket for greater ease of use.

  • The travel telescope also comes with an adjustable aluminum alloy tripod for easy mounting and use.
  • You can also enjoy a free smartphone adapter a wireless camera remote for tracking the image on your cell phone screen.
  • The device comes with two eyepieces, one of 25 mm and another of 10 mm.
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6. MaxUSee 70mm Refractor Telescope with Tripod

Maxusee 70mm Refractor Telescope

The MaxUSee 70 mm refractor telescope comes with a tripod and is ideal for beginners and first-time users. It has a 70 mm aperture objective lens that allows you to see clear and bright images. The device also comes with a 5 x 24 finder scope that allows you to find the object you need to focus on faster.

  • The telescope has an incredible magnification from 16x to 200x which gives you a great range.
  • The device also comes with four different eyepieces of the following measurements: H6mm, H12.5mm, H20mm, and K25mm.
  • The device also has a focal length of 400 mm and also comes with a tripod, a moon mirror and a few other add-ons, among other things.
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Travel Telescope Buyer’s Guide

When you’re out in the market for a travel telescope, there are several options you may be distracted by. But not all travel telescopes are made equally — some are better than the others. The following are some of the front factors you may want to consider to find the perfect travel telescope for yourself.


Portability is, of course, one of the most crucial factors to consider in a travel telescope. It needs to be compact, lightweight and should ideally even come with its own carrying bag in order for it to be portable. If the device is not portable it ceases to be one that is suitable for travel.

Focal Length

The focal length of the telescope is extremely important and it dictates how far into the distance you can focus. You can typically see things at a great distance with a telescope but if you cannot focus on those objects, it’s as good as not being able to see the object at all. The focal length of a telescope, therefore, transforms how the device operates.


The magnification of a travel telescope determines how far you can zoom in to an object and magnify it in the lens. The magnification is typically within a given range which differs from telescope to telescope. In the telescopic devices mentioned above, there is a device that has a magnification from 15x to 50x, and there is also a device that boasts of magnification from 16x to 200x! This is the kind of variety you will see in the market at all times.


The eyepiece is the portion of the telescope through which you can look and observe the objects you are trying to see. In most telescopes, the eyepiece is adjustable. This is especially important for those who wear glasses since it is often difficult to set the eyepiece at a comfortable position. But with an adjustable eyepiece, you can use the telescope comfortably.

Finder Scope

The finder scope is the portion of the device that allows you to find the object you need to focus on quickly. The scope typically has a measurement of 5×24 mm and allows you to find the object within seconds. This is especially useful for a target that is moving or an object that does not stay in one place for long.

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