5 Best Binoculars For Whale Watching

5 Best Binoculars for Whale Watching (Reviews Updated 2020)

Whale watching is an intense activity that is filled with fun and adventure. Imagine the big creature jumping right in front of you, splashing the waters high up in the sky; that’s the image that you need to capture.

In order to get the visuals of this experience in the perfect manner, you certainly require one of the major instruments, which is binocular.

Binoculars for watching whales are specific in nature that helps you get a shot at the animal with clarity. Apart from watching wildlife, you can also get in touch with minute activities like bird watching, hunting, etc.

If you want to achieve a smart look at whale watching, it is time that you get one for yourself. Thus, let us ponder over some of the best binoculars that you can truly buy for your specific needs!

Best Whale Watching Binoculars


1. Nikon 7549 MONARCH 7 10×42 Binocular

Nikon 7549 Monarch 7 10x42 BinocularThe adventure waits right in front of you with all the new Nikon 7549 Monarch Binoculars.

Considered to be one of the most utilizing Whale watching binoculars, you would be happy to use it under all circumstances.

The lens covers provide stability to the device and allow multiple forms of protection as well. This binocular is small and light-weighted and can fit into any small pocket.

The binocular is packed with the ability to record clear and smooth images without any discomfort.

Without additional contrasts, the accuracy of color is also present, thereby making it one of the most reliable binoculars for any marine experience. The optical system enhances the images and keeps them just the same.

As soon as you spot a whale, take out your binoculars and catch a glimpse of the wonderful creature right before your naked eyes.

The lenses are multi-functional and can be zoomed in for better benefits. Its coatings serve an extra layer of comfort in capturing stunning images.

If you are looking for a detailed binocular that performs exceptionally well, then this might be the right one for you.

You can easily hold the binocular because of its rubber surface. You can avail of this binocular in green color too, which kind of looks more attractive.

The suitability of the device also lies in its warranty card, which can be used to protect the binocular from serious damages.

What we like about it:

The durability of this device is completely unmatched. This binocular serves up for a variety of purposes, starting with hunting, wildlife adventure, etc.

Any issues regarding the device can be mended within the warranty period.

The binocular serves the purpose of crystal clear focus, which is quite amazing for a device that can be bought within a suitable price range.

You would definitely be mesmerized with your whale watching scene, once you start using this binocular!

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2. SWAROVSKI EL 10×42 Binocular

Swarovski El 10x42 BinocularThe limitless edition of Swarovski is nothing more than mere perfection. The instance of clarity along with quality is the motto of all Swarovski binoculars.

Therefore, these 10×42 binoculars are quite the trending one in the market and are one of the Best binoculars for watching whales from land.

If you are on the shore, and you spot magnificent giant whales splashing right in front of your eyes, you just have one thing to do; which is to use your binoculars.

The magnification level is 10x and yields quite a perfect boost in images whenever required.

When purchasing this binocular, you receive a small field bag, along with eye caps and a leather strap to carry the binocular around.

The optical range has a lifetime warranty of 10 years and therefore, you can receive additional benefits in the process.

You can catch a glimpse of all your favorite moments, with the specifications of the optical glass.

Its night mode allows you to stay focused even at night time.

The binoculars have such an amazing zooming feature that long-distance elements appear right before your eyes.

This significance is gladly noticed once you start using this binocular, clearly making way for the observation near or away from the land.

Professionals will really find it useful in using this binocular.

Every aspect of this device is approved by Swarovski and therefore, you can enjoy your experience in whale watching with full durability and packed reliability!

What we like about it:

The best part noticed about this binocular is its manufacturing warranty card. Every inch of this model is equipped with superior features and therefore, you can view the whales from the lands very easily.

The crystal clear images that you capture with this device are a plus point. In order to keep the binoculars safe, simply use the bag and the covers whenever it is not in use.

The improvement, in contrast, is because of the lens quality and therefore, you can count on its resolution.

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3. Vortex Optics Razor HD Roof Prism Binoculars

Vortex Optics Razor Hd Roof Prism BinocularsWhale watching is an amazing marine experience that you get to witness once in your lifetime.

Since these creatures rise near to the waters only at a specific time of the year, it is essential to be prepped up for watching.

Therefore, one of the most needed devices for such an adventurous activity is binocular. When searching for the Best binoculars for watching whales from shore, Vortex Optics has always created the first impression.

Within an affordable price range, the new Roof Prism binocular by Vortex is the ideal model for every adventurer out there.

The 10x magnification quality enhances the picture before you and gives the best quality.

The premium feature of this binocular lies in its selected lens glass and superior focusing power. This helps in capturing stunning yet clear pictures just the way you want it to be.

The exterior is made of aluminum alloy and therefore, it is light-weighted. You can easily fit the binoculars in your pockets and carry it to any destination that you like.

Therefore, with perfection around the corner, you have the perfect pair ready to assist you in your experience.

The eye caps attached to the binoculars are great for providing comfort and you can instantly notice the difference with your naked eyes.

The viewing is so intense and comfortable that whale watching would be of great performance. Use this binocular to match your level of exciting adventurous trails!

What we like about it:

The most fascinating part about this binocular is its easy focus, which makes it a user-friendly device. The lens attached provides the necessary comfort, without straining your eyes too much.

The waterproof, as well as fog-proof exterior, is so stable that nothing can disturb its accuracy or performance.

Therefore, the rugged texture of this binocular is one thing that cannot match any other model. The price is quite within a moderate range and there are cool accessories attached too!

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4. Vortex Optics Viper HD Roof Prism Binoculars

Vortex Optics Viper Hd Roof Prism BinocularsCompact binoculars simply stand a class apart and the noticeable difference lies in the viper that is attached. Therefore, the all-new Vortex Viper binocular is one such model that provides necessary intricacy and detailing.

After reading quite a few Whale watching binocular reviews, this design by Vortex provides the necessary features that you demand. The super-lightweight of this binocular is the major reason that it can be carried anywhere, without having to deal with exterior discomfort.

The rugged yet compact nature of this binocular is to die for. The basic significance of this binocular lies in its contrasting texture, which makes it easy to hold the model.

Its anti-slippery surface is smooth and gives the necessary grip that you want. The HD quality of the images is perfect for all occasions and the whale pictures just stand out to be mind-blowing.

Because of the exclusive details of this binocular, you won’t regret with its quality. The impressive lens coating along with picture clarity is one of the reasons why this binocular is so popular.

While purchasing this binocular, you get an assured warranty card. All damages on the binocular can be mended within the time span of 2 years.

You also receive some additional accessories like eye caps, covers, padded straps, a small bag for easy use of the binocular.

What we like about it:

The most significant aspect of this binocular is its better image capturing quality that rests on focus. The magnification is great and allows complete management of the image from any distance.

Especially when you are targeting to watch the whales from the shore, just spin the lenses to adjust the focus and there you have the perfect picture.

The Viper is waterproof and is high on performance from all sides. The exclusive advantage is offered with the warranty card as well!

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5. Canon 10×42 L Image Stabilization Waterproof Binoculars

Canon 10x42 L Image Stabilization Waterproof BinocularsThe liberty of watching the whales swim is one of the rarest experiences that you can collect and enjoy. In order to relive the intensity of whale watching, it is necessary that you have the perfect binocular with you.

The Best binoculars for whale watching are flexible in nature and offers a huge advantage in terms of better accessibility.

The Canon range of binoculars has a higher lens capacity and creates a soothing atmosphere for your whale watching experience.

For a better performance scale, this binocular is not limited to bright-light viewing but is also capable of low-light image capture as well. The diameter of the lens is 4.2mm, which is quite the standard one.

The compactness of the device makes it really possible to get hold of smoother and brighter images under any circumstances.

Even if the environment is too hot or cold, forget about fog or mist formation. The binocular can withstand harsh conditions and offer a completely hassle-free experience.

The binocular comes with certain accessories, most importantly the padded strap handle and the eye caps.

For other extracurricular activities like bird-watching, sports events, hiking, hunting, etc, this binocular definitely wins the prize.

The most ideal condition of marine activity with this binocular is directed towards the land. Therefore, if you are attempting to watch whales and other sea creatures from land, then get ready to have the most stunning view!

What we like about it:

In comparing and bringing out some of the most detailed and awesome facts about this binocular, one can certainly point out its low cost.

The efficiency, as well as the durability of this binocular, is top-notch. The focus is clear as well as the image capturing base through the lens is of the standard size.

Therefore, enjoy the optimizing feature of this binocular and see the flaunting images of marine lives for a completely mesmerizing experience.

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How we choose the top Binoculars for Whale watching in our list:

Extensive research is pretty essential in determining the perfect binocular for your activity. A lot of critical estimates are mandatory to avail of the benefits of this gadget. However, in order to receive an ideal binocular, some of the top features that you must look for are as follows:


Magnification is really an essential factor to consider in the process. If you are attempting to watch a whale, you must be able to view it from a faraway distance. For such professional activities, the magnification must be between 7x to 10x. The zooming stays perfect and it’s not tough to manage the vision at all!

The diameter of the objective lens

A crucial factor that enters the space of binoculars is to consider the diameter of the objective lens. The best part is to opt for a binocular whose lens diameter is around 8*25 or slightly above. The lens features image clarity and focus. The diameter is a condition for brighter vision during whale spotting activity!


The field of view in every binocular form the major eyepiece when spotting the whale in front of you. Depending on the type of binocular you have, the FOV yields focus, visionary expression and prevents direct light from falling into the lens. Therefore, check with the FOV before buying your gadget!

Weight of the binocular

It is essential to consider the weight of the binocular as well since you want to get the best glimpse of the whale. A heavy binocular might cause enough distraction and prevent you from enjoying the moment.

In this process, do not forget to consult the budget of the binocular and its waterproof quality too.

Different types of Binoculars for Whale Watching:

Binoculars come in various shapes and sizes. The type of binocular you want to purchase necessarily depends on the activity you are about to initiate. Thus, with regards to whale watching and other similar types of actions, some of the common types are as follows:

Roof Prism Binoculars

The quality of roof prism binoculars rests on bouncing the light to the image that you are trying to capture. In the case of whale watching, the route to focus is intense, and magnification is great as well. This binocular is more straight and highly compact in nature. You can fold it and carry it anywhere you like. Its light-weight feature is convenient and is favored for all activities.

Porro Prism binoculars

Porro Prism Binoculars have a small V-shaped structure. They are long and can be used for whale watching both from the shore and from the boat too. Although this binocular is a bit heavy, the clarity is great and so is its focus. The light waves are higher and are really economical for outdoor activities.

Marine binoculars

These binoculars are typically used for all underwater activities, especially when diving. You can considerably use this for whale watching, as it prevents shaking, and is splash-proof too. For all ocean life activities, this binocular is the safest to use!

The difference between marine and regular binoculars:

Not all binoculars you opt for are waterproof. But marine binoculars have been specifically designed to stabilize your whale watching experience. Even for underwater adventure, these binoculars are handy and are engineered to succumb to any relatable environment.

Why you need the best binoculars for whale watching:

The modernity of binoculars has likely changed over the years. The manner of the presentation along with its quality has attracted individuals to use it for various outdoor activities. The wide cosmos of using best binoculars for whale watching is intense. Therefore, you have to be pretty careful when buying the binocular for your use.

Sometimes, you have to venture deep into the ocean to catch a glimpse of the mighty animal. Therefore, your binocular must stand the test of time and prove its superiority under all circumstances. Therefore, every factor is highly crucial to feel larger than life experience. In addition to whale watching, if you are buying marine binoculars, certain similar activities in which you can take part in are as follows:

  • Underwater trails
  • Scuba diving
  • Ship watching
  • Bird watching
  • Wildlife safari

Since binocular varieties can confuse you and create complexities in deciding, it is mandatory that you chalk out the points first. On the basis of your own requirements, the binocular must be opted for. The rough seas might be tough for you but your binocular should not be the reason for discomfort. Therefore, such binoculars are incorporated with waterproof technology to enhance the perfect shot at whale watching.

For any additional information on the types of binoculars, you can avail of some form suitable online websites. Before going to the store, stay assured about the specifications to enjoy sure-shot transparency. Therefore, bring forth the magic in your marine experience with top-notch binoculars today!

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