The Best Microscopes For Viewing Coins

5 Best Microscopes for Viewing Coins (Reviews Updated 2020)

When it comes to coin collecting and viewing, a quality and reliable microscope can easily be purchased for a very reasonable price. Coin observation only requires a device capable of minimal levels of magnification and therefore these devices do not require all of the features that make scientific, compound microscopes so expensive. As far as coin viewing is concerned, a stereo microscope or hand held device is the best way to go.

Take a look at our reviews below of some of the best models and devices currently on the market for viewing coins.

Best Microscopes for Viewing Coins

Here are our reviews of the best microscopes for viewing coins

1. AmScope SE306R-PZ-P Digital Forward-Mounted Binocular Stereo Microscope

Amscope Se306r Pz P Digital Forward Mounted Binocular Stereo Microscope, Wf10x And Wf20x Eyepieces,

Don’t let the low price fool you; this device has proven itself more than capable in just about any field you can think of. This is a perfect choice for coin collectors on a budget.

  • Capable of magnification up to 80x
  • Halogen light source above and below the viewing surface
  • Digital camera and software included for onscreen viewing
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2. Plugable USB 2.0 Digital Microscope with Flexible Arm Observation Stand

Plugable Usb 2.0 Digital Microscope With Flexible Arm Observation Stand Compatible With Windows, Mac

This portable microscope comes fitted with a 2-megapixel camera and software that is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X operating systems making this a great option for coin collectors on the go.

  • Highly affordable and easy-to-use
  • Capable of 250x magnification makes it more than suitable for viewing coins
  • Digital camera allows you to photograph and document your images in high-quality
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3. Bysameyee 1000X LCD Digital Microscope

1000x Lcd Digital Microscope, Bysameyee Wifi Wireless 4.3 Inch 1080p Magnifier Zoom Camera With 8 Le

This is a perfect microscope for any coin collectors looking for a small but powerful microscope. This device comes equipped with a built-in 4.3- inch LCD screen capable of wireless connection to any smartphone, tablet or computer.

  • Capable of 1000x magnification
  • Fitted with 8-LED lights for optimal, adjustable brightness
  • Purchase includes two microscope mounts for optimal accuracy
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4. Mustcam 5M Handheld Mobile LCD Digital Microscope 

Mustcam 5m Handheld Mobile Lcd Digital Microscope Up To 1200x By Digital Magnification, Micro Sd Sto

This device, from Mustcam, can easily fit into your pocket. Simply flip open the screen and zoom in to view your coins in high definition, right in the palm of your hand.

  • Capable of 1200x magnification
  • Built-in micro-SD storage
  • High resolution
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5. Wireless Digital Microscope, 50X to 1000XUSB Digital Microscope

Wireless Digital Microscope, Rotek 50x And1000x Microscope Magnification With Hd 1080p 2mp Camera, M

Capable of magnification levels up to 1000x, this handheld microscope can be wirelessly connected to your smartphone for on-screen imaging.

  • 0-megapixel camera
  • 8 white LED lights for optimal brightness
  • Detachable viewing stand included
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Microscopes for Viewing Coins Buyer’s Guide

As was mentioned above, when purchasing a microscope for viewing coins you don’t need a device capable of magnification levels in the thousands. Low magnification devices that are often used for electronic repair, such as stereo microscopes and handheld microscope are also perfectly suited for coin collectors.

Take a look at our buyer’s guide for some tips and features to keep an eye out for when making your purchase.


Resolution is an important feature, especially when it comes to highly magnified images and recordings. We recommend purchasing a device with at least 2.0 megapixels. Any less, and you may have a hard time making out your saved images due to distortion and pixilation when zoomed in.

Digital features

Digital capabilities are highly sought out by professional researchers and serious hobbyists alike. They are a great way to record and organize your work for future analysis and scrutiny. However, this technology is often more expensive and is not necessarily needed for coin enthusiasts.


If you do choose to go for a digital model, be sure to make sure that all included software is compatible with your existing technology. Some devices are only manufactured with specific smartphones or computer software in mind.

Construction quality

Although many models are manufactured with plastic parts, you should always opt for metal framework and quality glass optics. Plastic parts tend to break easily and can warp under the heat from the light sources. As magnification and observation are the main purposes of these devices, quality optics should be your main focus.